30 cze 2016

Kill 'Burning Blood'

BlackSeed Productions

1. Veni Satana
2. Burning Blood
3. Nails of Cursed Steel
4. Beckoning Grave
5. Kill
6. Desecration Temple
7. Holocaust Fires
8. Poison Chalice

The fourth full-lenght album of Swedish possesed creature called Kill is a total onward going album where no prisioner are going to be taken. As it is with their previous releases (haven't got the chance to listen to their new stuff from 2014 -> a split with Slaughtbbath and Ep 'The Death Rape') it is a mixture of possessed Black Metal with some Thrash influences combined with Death Metal structures from time to time in their tracks. Seems a bit confusing or even like a pulp that will drag you into boredom? Impossible! Somehow (well, 17th year of being active in BM is passing for them now) they managed to merge all these influences and make the final outcome a nasty reflection of what the odiousness is in merciful Black Metal. 48 minutes of these 8 hymns is passing very quickly as the material is capturing your mind. Not only the compositions with its blasting pace (of course slower parts are present throughout the 'Burning Blood' too) but the necro sound is making you feel like someone is placing rusty needles inside your head. Each song is kind of different from another, its not a mindless hyper pace with monotonous guitars with tremolo picking. Fair enough, Kill again didn't record anything new or shocking but it is another solid album by these Swedish veterans, due to this they deserve much respect and support. The banner of old Black Metal is hanging proudly up high.


29 cze 2016

Unaussprechlichen Kulten 'Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath'

Iron Bonehead Productions

1. Prologue
2. The Hooded Baphomet Bleated
3. La Recta Provincia
4. Yogge-Sothothe
5. Ceremony of Belial
6. Kadath in the Cold Waste
7. Nomen Mysticum
8. Spirals of Acrid Smoke
9. Epilogie

I must admit that I run in the zines couple of times at the name of this Chilean machine. My fault that I've checked them just like two or three years ago. It was like a hell storm! They also confirmed that Chile and their Metal scene is still on top form. Being in the underground since 1999 and even two years before under the name of Spawn, these guys know what fucking Death Metal means. Death Metal that will grind your soul and possess you once again with Cthulhu Mythology. Unaussprechlichen Kulten last year, with their third album so far made a true masterpiece of Death Metal in old school way. It is an mysterious but still very brutal journey into the unfanthomable areas of Lovecraft's stories. Almost 30 minutes of music, 9 tracks with powerful dynamics starting a game with your head which is impossible for you to acomplish. I'm talking about not headbanging to this material, it is fucking not possible! Death Metal arranged by this Chilean monster is horrid and squalid, these were my expectations when the source of lyrican inspirations is Mr. Lovecraft's world. This living foulness by the name of 'Baphomet Pan Shub-Niggurath' is like a combination of 'Testimony of the Ancients' by Pestilence with gravish aura by Incantation's albums and the brutality even by first tow / three albums by Suffocation. Sound of guitars is very low, yet still very well executed with their quite technical work (especially how the riffs are created and divided into two channels). The bass pulse with the snare drum reminds of some ritualistic incantations, deep unearthly growls... I think each Death Metal maniac do not need anything else! The horror from subterranean dimension starts now!

Athanatos 'Unholy Union'

Iron Bonehead Productions

1. Athanatos (Intro)
2. Unholy Union
3. Reverse the Creation
4. Per vas nefandum
5. Fullmoon Rites of Sabbat

What a blast! Fucking hell, another unknown horde from South America, again such a quality Diabolic Death Metal. Chilean Athanatos is like a horrid wind blowing straight from the 9th Circle of Hell. This devastating demo contains of four tracks and I must say that it does impressed me a lot. Well, if Germany's Iron Bonehead laid its hands on it then expect nothing else then pure demonized Metal in any form. Due from Chile is serving us here strong countenance of Death Metal with some Black Metal elements. 'Unholy Union' is kept in traditional old school way of this genre but there are few fresh elements at the same time. Especially as it comes for dynamic sound, triggers at drums are doing the job here. Relentless, bestial and ongoing savagery is crushing more and more our skulls and drilling inside into each brain-cell that finally I was torn in madness. Heavy & merciless riffs killing with the speed and the sharpness, consider it as a programmed machine of death, where the one program is on all the time -> passion for obscurity and death itself. You will be forced to stand upon the altar of uncompromised diversity and bloody grimness. Music is mostly on faster pace, very, I mean, very powerful but keeping secrets to discover. The mosthuge impact on it has the voice, which cannot be called a typical growl or screamo -> it is something in between, like recall to the ancient abyss. Strongly recomannded!

Back Door To Asylum 'Cerberus Millenia'

Amputated Vein Records

1. Manifestations
2. Auroral Plasmagenesis
3. Inception to Genocide
4. Unconditional Devoration
5. Gravity Inverse
6. Pitch Black Purity
7. Threads of the Wounded
8. Cerberus Paradigm
9. The Convergence Process

Japanesse label last year released Russian Brutal Death Machine and their second album. I must say I've never had chance to listen the debut stuff, but for me, honestly no regrets. As much I seriously do like Death Metal and its Brutal Technical sub-genre, then Russian team has gone too far or simply there is something lacking in this record. My first impression when I started to listen to these guys was very possitive. I heard very meety sound, very good composed riffs that were not only complexed but also preformed in a understood way. But then... this hyper blasts arose, finger braking hilarious riffs (not even close to music in its definition while all I can hear is ultra fast single notes changes) and I had enough after maybe 5 minutes of this album. This was the first time of my nervous breakdown, second came shorty after. Disharmonies, this riffs keep continiue to pile up like an uncleaned dog shit at small area lawn. It is way too much modern, way too much ridiculous technique showing off. Of course it has very good parts like slower ones or even fast blasting with deep growls but... Here it is: I'm fed up with this shit of music non-sense parts so much, that even couple of minutes of continuous good arranged Brutal Death Metal played by BDTA is not convincing me at all. 

Domains 'Sinister Ceremonies'

The Sinister Flame

1. Domains
2. Mastery
3. Through Infernal Damnation
4. Raped by Darkness
5. Hopeless
6. Eucharist of Relevance
7. Crowned at Dusk
8. Towards Pleroma
9. Labyrinth of Incense
10. Sinister Ceremonies

Finish magazine The Sinister Flame in 2014 decided to start as a label and released Spanish Domains. In my eyes it is a pretender to a throne of debut horde in vein of old school Death Metal! I haven't got a chnece to listen their demo from 2009 but as much I see they also re-recorded older tracks for this release and I cannot sense any huge differences in style or adultery of compositions between old summonings of Luciferian wisdom and fresher Death worshiping mantras. Starting from an amazing artwork in front at which I can fucking stare sensless for hours, then going through the lyrics, you just don't even know how many times you've changed sides of vinyl already. And as for music we have here old school Death Metal in its grim cold diabolical form as its best! Its not only because the lyrical concept but the aura of the music itself is something that without doubt can be called horryfing, cavernous, devilish and primordial to ceremonial darkness. Simply I am out of words how to describe this album as I feel not worthy of doing it. For the most attracting my attention is the gloomy depth of the sound which with union of the deep vocals is simply something outstanding. The work of guitars which isn't just plain simple tremolo picking all the time, very well executed solo guitars where the quintesence of old days can be sensed, almost visualised and able to be grasped. Pace of album is different in each of the ten hymns (two of them are instrumental but not as intros but full time tracks with the emphasis on the demonic atmosphere), from slow ones to blasts - everything being kept in the golden old spirit of true Death Metal! Also the bug advantage and almost geniue usage of keyboards during the hymns is mesmerizing. So if you're nyctophobic and the Occult side of such acts like Necros Christos, Grave Miasma or even some Mortuary Drape influences, then this one is for you! Absolutely great piece of Metal! The final words summing up this review can be a quote from their lyrics of 'Towards Pleroma': Domains of Scorn, Domains of Pain, Domains of the Endless, Domains of Death'.

28 cze 2016

Horrid 'Sacrilegious Fornication'

Dunkelheit Produktionen

1. Sacrilegious Fornication
2. Vortex of Primordial Chaos
3. Necromancy
4. Demonic Sadocarnage
5. Blood on Satan's Claw
6. The Fire of Impenitence
7. Diocletianic Persecution
8. Goddess of Heretical Perversity
9. Massacra (Hellhammer cover)

The fourth album of this veternal Death Metal machine from Italy is a strong entry. Clearly being inspired (can you say so about band which roots are in 1989?) by Swedish style formed in early '90s, Horrid moves this resemblance to a bit new dimension where he is using the gift of nowadays technology. I mean, its not that it is another plastic shit with sweet 'perfect' sound for kids who worship Behemoth, no! It is a little uplifted and upgraded making Death Metal more powerful but without loosing any of it vulgarity. Horrid is walking its own path, I guess Mr. Belfagor doesn't really care about trends and he is making his music the way Death Metal for him must sounds. For me, perfect and honest attitiude! 'Sacrilegious Fornication' contains 8 tracks plus a cover of Hellhamer's 'Massacra'. It reminds a mixture of old Grave with Asphyx but it is served not outdated at all. The best is that the buzzing sound of guitars is strong & far away from calling it noisy. Deep growls, I think close to 'Covenant' album are making a lot good vibe here too. The combination of these two elements is like holding a music elementary recepie for making old school Death Metal. Pace does vary here and from faster parts you can get also slow-downs, couple of nice ideas where guitar or bass with drums are left by their own while other instruments are silent. Hearing a half of the riff by its own is so oldish and fucking cool here! Fucking great album! At the end you'll receive a nice portion of bloody mid-rare steak called 'Massacra', no words needed, enjoy!

Christicide 'Upheaval of the Soul'

Those Opposed Records

1. Upheaval of the Soul
2. Black Knowledge
3. Solitude with the Devil
4. I Was Able to Guess
5. Demon's Breath
6. Ominous Numinous

Christicide is Black Metal horde from France, well... was. In 2014, a year after releasing their second album they decided to split-up. Pity, because music that was gathered for that release is very mature and it is just another Black Metal band to play as fast they can shouting Satan, Satan... Fair enough, French guys are into Satanism but in their lyrics I sense some knowledge about it, not only as it is in many cases just fantasies about how grim they can be. Anyway, their Black Metal seems to be touching the vortex of Orthodox lyrics in Satanism, while music-wise they stay on a bridge between Swedish style with leading melodies along with fast druming and grasping from European scenes best patterns in general. In my opinion Christicide was also merging Thrash, Death elements which can be heard for example in the fourth track 'I was able to guess' or fifth 'Demon's Breath', when rhythmical guitars are leading in one fragment with technical drums. As for the pace most of the record is dominated with blasts but riffs are, I would even say, on a high level of technical advance. These six tracks because of the lenght are a good example of well written Black Metal. Lots of riffs, variated vocals even to clean chants. Also (no clue how did the vinyl version looks like) the CD with the booklet are done nicely. Each song has its own drawing, each lyric is printed out plus a huge live pic of the band. Even Christicide is dead, check'em out, you won't regret it.

27 cze 2016

Under The Church 'Under the Church'

Pulverised Records

1. Denial of Death
2. Macabre Cadaver
3. Digging in the Dirt
4. Under the Church
5. Burning
6. Haunted by Demons
7. Back to the Grave

I was really attracted to this new band by the message I read that the two members are the origianl guys from Nirvana 2002. Well I had to check it, they were there when the sound of Swedish Death Metal was created. Pulverised Records were lucky enought to sign them and release their mini album under the same name as the band. I really don't know why they didn't want to continue with the Nirvana 2002 since they reunion at 2007, but hey, it is up to they. Nowadays we have Under The Church and it is Swedish Death Metal to the bone. 7 tracks, a bit more then 20 minutes and lets fucking crush this place. Furious riffs, poisonous in feeling and created to break your neck in headbanging ritual. The cover art done by Cesar Valladares with the whole layout is morbidly great! Even there is apart from cover art, the dead head transformed into spider plus two demons tormenting human creature towards its insanity... Well enough to admire for me even the release is simple without plenty of booklet pages. Music done by Under The Church is an old school crushing & fucking Swedish Death Metal in your face! There guys knew exactly what to do to make my ears bleed! Of course its not intense like Bestial or War Metal vomits but in DM genre of Swedish vein is fucking great! Sharp melodics we know for example from first record of Dismember is here and the most important -> the true old spirit! Astonishing in its form, from one side so freshly done but kept in traditional way, restrain in fucking Death Metal. Worth to check out and myself waiting for another release of theirs.

Hovf 'Skogstronen'

Depressive Illusion Records

1. Varsel om död
2. Drömmar om kamp (Den sista striden)
3. Djävulens anlete
4. Bortom bergen
5. Dimslottet
6. Guds ljus
7. Häxvrål
8. Tronens vidsträckta rike
9. Med månen som vittne (Outro)

This is confusing me a lot. I can understand there are so many shitty bands / projects, but I really can't reach the point of understanding the label which is releasing such things. Depressive Illusion Records from Ukraine is well know with their huge catalogue of releases (almost each week few cd-rs or tapes are being released) but come on!? What for release such acts like Hovf? Don't get me wrong because DIR label had great releases with ambient or raw BM but in these quantity you have to be careful what is your choise. Ok, Folk/Black Metal with a nostaligic (??) moody atmosphere made with horrible drum machine - and that's all folks. Boring, terribly repetitive and copied ideas done and presented in a shameful way. I guess you could find better loops for this drum machine even by googleing it. There is no quality in it, first of all judging it in underground marks. With limitation to 66 copies this crap will be sold for sure or be floating like a shit in sewage in other distros.  Btw. it is a shame even to look at the guy who is behind Hofv, lame sad picture of young faggoty dude in a thinned forest that looks more like a park then a statement of his connection with Nature. Maybe he can caught some young emo girls on that shit or puffters but serious people will avoid this. It is simply flanks.

Azelisassath 'In Total Contempt of All Life'

Tape album'14

1. Path of Pure Darkness
2. Malignant Soul Rape
3. His Desecrating Evilness
4. A Monument of Death
5. Path of Misanthropic Hate
6. Earth in Blazing Fires
7. Eternal Fires of Desolation
8. Left Hand of the Evil Will

Last year, from Sweden, appeared another geniue band bowing down to the tradition of their native Black Metal style. I mean, you can always say that trhere are some elements that's remind of certain things and so on, but this duo is simply astonishing with their brilliance and keep the composition works in more then soul invading terminology. Azelisassath brings forth an aura of past days in Black Metal, their hymns are like a travel in time to the debut album of Setherial's 'Nord'. Amazing music, deeply dark and hostile emotional art. The sound is so cold, so distant with the dominance of vocals which variety in tunes due to posessed & agonizing agitations is keeping me frozen with attention in each second of 'In Total Contempt of All Life'. Do you remeber in early era of 'Nord's album & common how the keyboards were just suddenly showing for couple of patterns in background and disappear? How much did it created an evil, cruel atmosphere? You'll find it here. Especially, when with drums exposed a bit in front of guitar work. It obsesses through the whole material with its misanthropic and almost basment / cave thrown out sound melodies make you feel so in right place to be a witness of this sullen ceremony. It makes you visualize freezing cold ruins of abandoned places in total darkness of night. And for me this is the main key to understand -> 'In Total Contempt of All Life' title.


23 cze 2016

Enshadowed 'Magick Chaos Psychodelia'

Pulverised Records

1. Stary Throne of It
2. Is Venit Ex Abyssus
3. Black Holes, Death Planets
4. The Scenario
5. Surrealistic Shade of Color Black
6. Dethroned
7. Inner Psy-Trip
8. The Dual Hypostasis of Nihil
9. Magic Chaos Psychedelia

Ten years has passed since the last album by Greeks but it was certainly worth to wait for their thrid full-lenght release. Maybe  looking at 'Intensity' by the passing time you can easily tell that it wasn't their most successful stuff. Especially if you going to compare it to 'Magick Chaos Psychodelia' which in my opinion is the most brighter work so far. Well, I think I saw this coming while the two splits from 2010 with Burial Hordes, Angstridden, Devathorn and from 2012 with Burial Hordes showed their new face and huge potential within the progress during the years of 'half-dormancy'. Also the founder of Enshadowed, N.E.C.R.O. changed the line-up and maybe that is the part of the key issue. The only trace of old spirit is the drumer Impaler who helped in studio to record drums. Anyway, from the visual side to music with soul feeding atmosphere, this album is as I said worth your money to get it and be a part of this ceremony. Inside the booklet drawings on each left side while on right you've got lyrics. Exception here are the central pages with photos with members of Enshadowed. Music here can be easily described as advanced Black Metal and listening to it I sense ease in ability to transform the Magic and spiritual temple rites into sound of their music. It's hard to define but they managed to merge with such simplicity the ideology and music to one dimension. Many, many bands are just trying to do so even with advanced wisdom lyrics but they just try. Here the result is astonishing with its easiness and complete. Music itself is very periphastic, but on the other hand the aura and flow of the album make it so welcomed to listen (do not take it as they are rock-stars and main stream idiots). Many pace changes, patterns are very often unpredictable and all in all the music is very dynamic even it is Orthodox in its meaning. Guitars work is breath taking, the aura that you are in the middle of something unreal, simply like Magick Chaos Psychodelia. Vocals by Serpent are possessed and his scale of forming his voice to different parts is amazing, from screams to growls, agonasing groans, wild, demented Third Eye absolution. Buy it in any form you can and support this underground act!

22 cze 2016

Beheaded 'Never To Dawn'

Unique Leader Records

1. Elapsed in the Vortex of Extinction
2. Lament of a Sordid God
3. Where Hours Etch Their Name
4. Perished into Inexistence
5. Never to Dawn
6. Dead Silence
7. Towards an Abducted Sun
8. Descent into Sanguinary Seas
9. The Ancient Acumen

From Malta, Beheaded recorded in 2012 their fourth full-lenght album in a best tradition of Brutal Death Metal. What I really enjoy while listening bands like this one is that they know stictly the range of brutality & aggression to put in music and not to turn it into mash of technical virtuosity. This is very important, not too loose the heaviness and don't walk into the maze of music structures noone will enjoy apart from couple of duchbags with complexes playing the same shit. Beheaded served a fine done 9 songs with fucking blasts and brutal technique. What else needs to be said is the guitar work is outstanding, such total work overthought and executed in maximum perfection. Heavy structures kicking your staright in the face, it's like mixture of old Suffocation with old Sinister but made with their own ideas, do not fucking even try to gossip it is a copy. I'm not a big fan of disharmonies in this genre but fuck!!! These here are making the material more sickier! On the top of that in some parts they can play melodic and easier for the ear parts which are very enjoyable to listen. Complexity of the guitars riffage is a huge advantage at 'Never To Dawn'. Drums with bass guitar is just like 'brutal' wishes come true haha! What I did while listening this album couple more time is just focusing on these two instruments. I am speachless for the fineness, ingenuity, freshness of using so many patterns that before listening to it I would say the flow of music is out of reach, but no! Hell fucking no! Everything is working perfectly like in a soulless machine (and it doesn't mean that the Beheaded is lacking the passion!) Next, vocals!!! Probably each one of you even by simple running though stupid youtube while being drunk listened to recent stuff recorded by the 'big bands'. For example, last work by Watain and Erik is like being in a plastic container, it is so pretended and meretricious. Or Peter of Vader... barking by old man who stuck in glory days of Vader and can't let go. Here, Frank of Beheaded is doing his vocals so intensly that I really though he is going to spit out his guts from my speakers! That's the attitiude! As all previous stuff recorded by them, simply just get it!

Armnatt 'Darkness Times'

Altare Productions

1. Ritual of the Dark Souls
2. Destroying Divinity
3. Open the Gates
4. Darkness Times
5. And the Day Becomes Night
6. Blackveil
7. Purified Ashes
8. From the Depths
9. Forest of Shadows
10. Dark Cleansing Winds

This horde is from Portugal with its debut full-lenght album. I have to say when looking at the cover I was quite sure what to expect. Black is the colour the dominates the front picture and we see here fragment of bushes with a figure of a man in a corpse-paint. Darkthrone worshiper? Yes, you're right. In case of Armnatt I can't say a bad word because if they decided to walk the path old Norwegian bands estimated in early '90s, than ok with me. Even more then ok because Portugese were able even to lighten the old spirit and bring it back on 'Darkness Times'. Buzzing guitar sound, very primordial in the whole sound, with tempo changes -> difference from old times but thanks to this it is not a pure clone of for example 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky', and eerie screams by Velnius are completing the whole idea behind this underground act. In fact, even they pereformed & composed well made raw Black Metal, the more I thinking of such activity the more I'm feeling its honesty. It is passion, destruction and shitting on main-stream. If you like old cold and primitive Black Metal than search for this record. Otherwise avoid it.


21 cze 2016

Kadotus 'Vaienneet Temppelit'

Blut & Eisen Productions

1. Three Chalices
2. Triangle of Consecration
3. Darkness Speaks
4. Spiritual Keys to Ages Unseen
5. Vaienneet temppelit
6. Unearthly
7. All That Is Drawn from the Stars
8. Underneath the Crimson Heavens

Fins, after two years since the 'Vaienneet Temppelit' album was released in CD version, finally have the vinyl version of their second album from 2011. I must say, the visual attraction is a something that you can get almost all the time with vinyl productions but the fascination is neverending story. Same is with this nicely done gatefold (shame that without any poster) limited to 500 copies. Inside you'll find printed lyrics with the information about the album recording session with a band picture. Simplicistic but enough to keep your hands & eyes occupied while listening to this gem. As for music there is not much change, it is still the same Kadotus with its filthy Finnish style Black Metal. Lets start with the most solid point of this work, the guitars. Riffs are here mostly on fast pace but there is also some of the slower parts like the ending of 'Unearthly' track. Even they didn't do nothing 'special' or 'innovative' the fact is, the ideas for riffage is along the whole album is more then just well done. These are sharp, got melodics of the level of acceptance, also some sort of vicious, depraved aura of immoral hatred combined with religious obsession. Also it's good to pay attention to relevant co-work of drums & bass guitar here. Nice work, especially that it is not too common to see such in a genre close to Religious. Why close? Well, the lyrics are not too advanced as it comes to religious matters and I think anyone would be able to spent some time and write these down. Don't take it as something nagative, no! Simple lyrics, no occultism in sound and same with the spiritual aspect. Vocals differ here a bit, and from screamo there are also some possessed groans with protracted voices during the un-divine agony moments. One thing on 'Vaienneet Temppelit' surprised me a lot, I mean the useage of keyboards which is minimal but still present. The way Kadotus did it is simply stunning! I have no words to put it into, but it is something you have to judge by your own.
Just to say in the end, it is a strong and, even close to Religious Black Metal, record kept in traditions well known from the time when the boom in Finland and Scandinavian nations arose with such genre. Strongly, fucking strongly recommended!