22 cze 2016

Armnatt 'Darkness Times'

Altare Productions

1. Ritual of the Dark Souls
2. Destroying Divinity
3. Open the Gates
4. Darkness Times
5. And the Day Becomes Night
6. Blackveil
7. Purified Ashes
8. From the Depths
9. Forest of Shadows
10. Dark Cleansing Winds

This horde is from Portugal with its debut full-lenght album. I have to say when looking at the cover I was quite sure what to expect. Black is the colour the dominates the front picture and we see here fragment of bushes with a figure of a man in a corpse-paint. Darkthrone worshiper? Yes, you're right. In case of Armnatt I can't say a bad word because if they decided to walk the path old Norwegian bands estimated in early '90s, than ok with me. Even more then ok because Portugese were able even to lighten the old spirit and bring it back on 'Darkness Times'. Buzzing guitar sound, very primordial in the whole sound, with tempo changes -> difference from old times but thanks to this it is not a pure clone of for example 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky', and eerie screams by Velnius are completing the whole idea behind this underground act. In fact, even they pereformed & composed well made raw Black Metal, the more I thinking of such activity the more I'm feeling its honesty. It is passion, destruction and shitting on main-stream. If you like old cold and primitive Black Metal than search for this record. Otherwise avoid it.