29 cze 2016

Athanatos 'Unholy Union'

Iron Bonehead Productions

1. Athanatos (Intro)
2. Unholy Union
3. Reverse the Creation
4. Per vas nefandum
5. Fullmoon Rites of Sabbat

What a blast! Fucking hell, another unknown horde from South America, again such a quality Diabolic Death Metal. Chilean Athanatos is like a horrid wind blowing straight from the 9th Circle of Hell. This devastating demo contains of four tracks and I must say that it does impressed me a lot. Well, if Germany's Iron Bonehead laid its hands on it then expect nothing else then pure demonized Metal in any form. Due from Chile is serving us here strong countenance of Death Metal with some Black Metal elements. 'Unholy Union' is kept in traditional old school way of this genre but there are few fresh elements at the same time. Especially as it comes for dynamic sound, triggers at drums are doing the job here. Relentless, bestial and ongoing savagery is crushing more and more our skulls and drilling inside into each brain-cell that finally I was torn in madness. Heavy & merciless riffs killing with the speed and the sharpness, consider it as a programmed machine of death, where the one program is on all the time -> passion for obscurity and death itself. You will be forced to stand upon the altar of uncompromised diversity and bloody grimness. Music is mostly on faster pace, very, I mean, very powerful but keeping secrets to discover. The mosthuge impact on it has the voice, which cannot be called a typical growl or screamo -> it is something in between, like recall to the ancient abyss. Strongly recomannded!