27 cze 2016

Azelisassath 'In Total Contempt of All Life'

Tape album'14

1. Path of Pure Darkness
2. Malignant Soul Rape
3. His Desecrating Evilness
4. A Monument of Death
5. Path of Misanthropic Hate
6. Earth in Blazing Fires
7. Eternal Fires of Desolation
8. Left Hand of the Evil Will

Last year, from Sweden, appeared another geniue band bowing down to the tradition of their native Black Metal style. I mean, you can always say that trhere are some elements that's remind of certain things and so on, but this duo is simply astonishing with their brilliance and keep the composition works in more then soul invading terminology. Azelisassath brings forth an aura of past days in Black Metal, their hymns are like a travel in time to the debut album of Setherial's 'Nord'. Amazing music, deeply dark and hostile emotional art. The sound is so cold, so distant with the dominance of vocals which variety in tunes due to posessed & agonizing agitations is keeping me frozen with attention in each second of 'In Total Contempt of All Life'. Do you remeber in early era of 'Nord's album & common how the keyboards were just suddenly showing for couple of patterns in background and disappear? How much did it created an evil, cruel atmosphere? You'll find it here. Especially, when with drums exposed a bit in front of guitar work. It obsesses through the whole material with its misanthropic and almost basment / cave thrown out sound melodies make you feel so in right place to be a witness of this sullen ceremony. It makes you visualize freezing cold ruins of abandoned places in total darkness of night. And for me this is the main key to understand -> 'In Total Contempt of All Life' title.