29 cze 2016

Back Door To Asylum 'Cerberus Millenia'

Amputated Vein Records

1. Manifestations
2. Auroral Plasmagenesis
3. Inception to Genocide
4. Unconditional Devoration
5. Gravity Inverse
6. Pitch Black Purity
7. Threads of the Wounded
8. Cerberus Paradigm
9. The Convergence Process

Japanesse label last year released Russian Brutal Death Machine and their second album. I must say I've never had chance to listen the debut stuff, but for me, honestly no regrets. As much I seriously do like Death Metal and its Brutal Technical sub-genre, then Russian team has gone too far or simply there is something lacking in this record. My first impression when I started to listen to these guys was very possitive. I heard very meety sound, very good composed riffs that were not only complexed but also preformed in a understood way. But then... this hyper blasts arose, finger braking hilarious riffs (not even close to music in its definition while all I can hear is ultra fast single notes changes) and I had enough after maybe 5 minutes of this album. This was the first time of my nervous breakdown, second came shorty after. Disharmonies, this riffs keep continiue to pile up like an uncleaned dog shit at small area lawn. It is way too much modern, way too much ridiculous technique showing off. Of course it has very good parts like slower ones or even fast blasting with deep growls but... Here it is: I'm fed up with this shit of music non-sense parts so much, that even couple of minutes of continuous good arranged Brutal Death Metal played by BDTA is not convincing me at all.