22 cze 2016

Beheaded 'Never To Dawn'

Unique Leader Records

1. Elapsed in the Vortex of Extinction
2. Lament of a Sordid God
3. Where Hours Etch Their Name
4. Perished into Inexistence
5. Never to Dawn
6. Dead Silence
7. Towards an Abducted Sun
8. Descent into Sanguinary Seas
9. The Ancient Acumen

From Malta, Beheaded recorded in 2012 their fourth full-lenght album in a best tradition of Brutal Death Metal. What I really enjoy while listening bands like this one is that they know stictly the range of brutality & aggression to put in music and not to turn it into mash of technical virtuosity. This is very important, not too loose the heaviness and don't walk into the maze of music structures noone will enjoy apart from couple of duchbags with complexes playing the same shit. Beheaded served a fine done 9 songs with fucking blasts and brutal technique. What else needs to be said is the guitar work is outstanding, such total work overthought and executed in maximum perfection. Heavy structures kicking your staright in the face, it's like mixture of old Suffocation with old Sinister but made with their own ideas, do not fucking even try to gossip it is a copy. I'm not a big fan of disharmonies in this genre but fuck!!! These here are making the material more sickier! On the top of that in some parts they can play melodic and easier for the ear parts which are very enjoyable to listen. Complexity of the guitars riffage is a huge advantage at 'Never To Dawn'. Drums with bass guitar is just like 'brutal' wishes come true haha! What I did while listening this album couple more time is just focusing on these two instruments. I am speachless for the fineness, ingenuity, freshness of using so many patterns that before listening to it I would say the flow of music is out of reach, but no! Hell fucking no! Everything is working perfectly like in a soulless machine (and it doesn't mean that the Beheaded is lacking the passion!) Next, vocals!!! Probably each one of you even by simple running though stupid youtube while being drunk listened to recent stuff recorded by the 'big bands'. For example, last work by Watain and Erik is like being in a plastic container, it is so pretended and meretricious. Or Peter of Vader... barking by old man who stuck in glory days of Vader and can't let go. Here, Frank of Beheaded is doing his vocals so intensly that I really though he is going to spit out his guts from my speakers! That's the attitiude! As all previous stuff recorded by them, simply just get it!