28 cze 2016

Christicide 'Upheaval of the Soul'

Those Opposed Records

1. Upheaval of the Soul
2. Black Knowledge
3. Solitude with the Devil
4. I Was Able to Guess
5. Demon's Breath
6. Ominous Numinous

Christicide is Black Metal horde from France, well... was. In 2014, a year after releasing their second album they decided to split-up. Pity, because music that was gathered for that release is very mature and it is just another Black Metal band to play as fast they can shouting Satan, Satan... Fair enough, French guys are into Satanism but in their lyrics I sense some knowledge about it, not only as it is in many cases just fantasies about how grim they can be. Anyway, their Black Metal seems to be touching the vortex of Orthodox lyrics in Satanism, while music-wise they stay on a bridge between Swedish style with leading melodies along with fast druming and grasping from European scenes best patterns in general. In my opinion Christicide was also merging Thrash, Death elements which can be heard for example in the fourth track 'I was able to guess' or fifth 'Demon's Breath', when rhythmical guitars are leading in one fragment with technical drums. As for the pace most of the record is dominated with blasts but riffs are, I would even say, on a high level of technical advance. These six tracks because of the lenght are a good example of well written Black Metal. Lots of riffs, variated vocals even to clean chants. Also (no clue how did the vinyl version looks like) the CD with the booklet are done nicely. Each song has its own drawing, each lyric is printed out plus a huge live pic of the band. Even Christicide is dead, check'em out, you won't regret it.