29 cze 2016

Domains 'Sinister Ceremonies'

The Sinister Flame

1. Domains
2. Mastery
3. Through Infernal Damnation
4. Raped by Darkness
5. Hopeless
6. Eucharist of Relevance
7. Crowned at Dusk
8. Towards Pleroma
9. Labyrinth of Incense
10. Sinister Ceremonies

Finish magazine The Sinister Flame in 2014 decided to start as a label and released Spanish Domains. In my eyes it is a pretender to a throne of debut horde in vein of old school Death Metal! I haven't got a chnece to listen their demo from 2009 but as much I see they also re-recorded older tracks for this release and I cannot sense any huge differences in style or adultery of compositions between old summonings of Luciferian wisdom and fresher Death worshiping mantras. Starting from an amazing artwork in front at which I can fucking stare sensless for hours, then going through the lyrics, you just don't even know how many times you've changed sides of vinyl already. And as for music we have here old school Death Metal in its grim cold diabolical form as its best! Its not only because the lyrical concept but the aura of the music itself is something that without doubt can be called horryfing, cavernous, devilish and primordial to ceremonial darkness. Simply I am out of words how to describe this album as I feel not worthy of doing it. For the most attracting my attention is the gloomy depth of the sound which with union of the deep vocals is simply something outstanding. The work of guitars which isn't just plain simple tremolo picking all the time, very well executed solo guitars where the quintesence of old days can be sensed, almost visualised and able to be grasped. Pace of album is different in each of the ten hymns (two of them are instrumental but not as intros but full time tracks with the emphasis on the demonic atmosphere), from slow ones to blasts - everything being kept in the golden old spirit of true Death Metal! Also the bug advantage and almost geniue usage of keyboards during the hymns is mesmerizing. So if you're nyctophobic and the Occult side of such acts like Necros Christos, Grave Miasma or even some Mortuary Drape influences, then this one is for you! Absolutely great piece of Metal! The final words summing up this review can be a quote from their lyrics of 'Towards Pleroma': Domains of Scorn, Domains of Pain, Domains of the Endless, Domains of Death'.