27 cze 2016

Hovf 'Skogstronen'

Depressive Illusion Records

1. Varsel om död
2. Drömmar om kamp (Den sista striden)
3. Djävulens anlete
4. Bortom bergen
5. Dimslottet
6. Guds ljus
7. Häxvrål
8. Tronens vidsträckta rike
9. Med månen som vittne (Outro)

This is confusing me a lot. I can understand there are so many shitty bands / projects, but I really can't reach the point of understanding the label which is releasing such things. Depressive Illusion Records from Ukraine is well know with their huge catalogue of releases (almost each week few cd-rs or tapes are being released) but come on!? What for release such acts like Hovf? Don't get me wrong because DIR label had great releases with ambient or raw BM but in these quantity you have to be careful what is your choise. Ok, Folk/Black Metal with a nostaligic (??) moody atmosphere made with horrible drum machine - and that's all folks. Boring, terribly repetitive and copied ideas done and presented in a shameful way. I guess you could find better loops for this drum machine even by googleing it. There is no quality in it, first of all judging it in underground marks. With limitation to 66 copies this crap will be sold for sure or be floating like a shit in sewage in other distros.  Btw. it is a shame even to look at the guy who is behind Hofv, lame sad picture of young faggoty dude in a thinned forest that looks more like a park then a statement of his connection with Nature. Maybe he can caught some young emo girls on that shit or puffters but serious people will avoid this. It is simply flanks.