21 cze 2016

Kadotus 'Vaienneet Temppelit'

Blut & Eisen Productions

1. Three Chalices
2. Triangle of Consecration
3. Darkness Speaks
4. Spiritual Keys to Ages Unseen
5. Vaienneet temppelit
6. Unearthly
7. All That Is Drawn from the Stars
8. Underneath the Crimson Heavens

Fins, after two years since the 'Vaienneet Temppelit' album was released in CD version, finally have the vinyl version of their second album from 2011. I must say, the visual attraction is a something that you can get almost all the time with vinyl productions but the fascination is neverending story. Same is with this nicely done gatefold (shame that without any poster) limited to 500 copies. Inside you'll find printed lyrics with the information about the album recording session with a band picture. Simplicistic but enough to keep your hands & eyes occupied while listening to this gem. As for music there is not much change, it is still the same Kadotus with its filthy Finnish style Black Metal. Lets start with the most solid point of this work, the guitars. Riffs are here mostly on fast pace but there is also some of the slower parts like the ending of 'Unearthly' track. Even they didn't do nothing 'special' or 'innovative' the fact is, the ideas for riffage is along the whole album is more then just well done. These are sharp, got melodics of the level of acceptance, also some sort of vicious, depraved aura of immoral hatred combined with religious obsession. Also it's good to pay attention to relevant co-work of drums & bass guitar here. Nice work, especially that it is not too common to see such in a genre close to Religious. Why close? Well, the lyrics are not too advanced as it comes to religious matters and I think anyone would be able to spent some time and write these down. Don't take it as something nagative, no! Simple lyrics, no occultism in sound and same with the spiritual aspect. Vocals differ here a bit, and from screamo there are also some possessed groans with protracted voices during the un-divine agony moments. One thing on 'Vaienneet Temppelit' surprised me a lot, I mean the useage of keyboards which is minimal but still present. The way Kadotus did it is simply stunning! I have no words to put it into, but it is something you have to judge by your own.
Just to say in the end, it is a strong and, even close to Religious Black Metal, record kept in traditions well known from the time when the boom in Finland and Scandinavian nations arose with such genre. Strongly, fucking strongly recommended!