30 cze 2016

Kill 'Burning Blood'

BlackSeed Productions

1. Veni Satana
2. Burning Blood
3. Nails of Cursed Steel
4. Beckoning Grave
5. Kill
6. Desecration Temple
7. Holocaust Fires
8. Poison Chalice

The fourth full-lenght album of Swedish possesed creature called Kill is a total onward going album where no prisioner are going to be taken. As it is with their previous releases (haven't got the chance to listen to their new stuff from 2014 -> a split with Slaughtbbath and Ep 'The Death Rape') it is a mixture of possessed Black Metal with some Thrash influences combined with Death Metal structures from time to time in their tracks. Seems a bit confusing or even like a pulp that will drag you into boredom? Impossible! Somehow (well, 17th year of being active in BM is passing for them now) they managed to merge all these influences and make the final outcome a nasty reflection of what the odiousness is in merciful Black Metal. 48 minutes of these 8 hymns is passing very quickly as the material is capturing your mind. Not only the compositions with its blasting pace (of course slower parts are present throughout the 'Burning Blood' too) but the necro sound is making you feel like someone is placing rusty needles inside your head. Each song is kind of different from another, its not a mindless hyper pace with monotonous guitars with tremolo picking. Fair enough, Kill again didn't record anything new or shocking but it is another solid album by these Swedish veterans, due to this they deserve much respect and support. The banner of old Black Metal is hanging proudly up high.