27 cze 2016

Under The Church 'Under the Church'

Pulverised Records

1. Denial of Death
2. Macabre Cadaver
3. Digging in the Dirt
4. Under the Church
5. Burning
6. Haunted by Demons
7. Back to the Grave

I was really attracted to this new band by the message I read that the two members are the origianl guys from Nirvana 2002. Well I had to check it, they were there when the sound of Swedish Death Metal was created. Pulverised Records were lucky enought to sign them and release their mini album under the same name as the band. I really don't know why they didn't want to continue with the Nirvana 2002 since they reunion at 2007, but hey, it is up to they. Nowadays we have Under The Church and it is Swedish Death Metal to the bone. 7 tracks, a bit more then 20 minutes and lets fucking crush this place. Furious riffs, poisonous in feeling and created to break your neck in headbanging ritual. The cover art done by Cesar Valladares with the whole layout is morbidly great! Even there is apart from cover art, the dead head transformed into spider plus two demons tormenting human creature towards its insanity... Well enough to admire for me even the release is simple without plenty of booklet pages. Music done by Under The Church is an old school crushing & fucking Swedish Death Metal in your face! There guys knew exactly what to do to make my ears bleed! Of course its not intense like Bestial or War Metal vomits but in DM genre of Swedish vein is fucking great! Sharp melodics we know for example from first record of Dismember is here and the most important -> the true old spirit! Astonishing in its form, from one side so freshly done but kept in traditional way, restrain in fucking Death Metal. Worth to check out and myself waiting for another release of theirs.