23 lip 2016

Hetroertzen 'Ain Soph Aur'

Lamech Records

1. Dealing with the Veil
2. Blood Royale
3. The Lifting of the Veil
4. Endless Light
5. Carrying the Forbidden Flame
6. Spirit Eater
7. Procession of the Silver Fire
8. Enter the Unknown
9. Of Tomb and Thirst
10. The Luminous One
11. The Rose and the Cross
12. Piercing the Veil

Already know within last couple of years to wider audience, originally heading from Chile while now residing in Sweden, Hetroertzen is striking back with their 5th album. Now, I'm not into judging what certain band did in the past (even it is important to know), but the truth is that the begining of this act wasn't interesting at all. I had an opportunity to listen to second and third album and it was awfully boring. Since the 'Exaltation of Wisom' from 2010, sudenlly they changed like after a long coma. The style from very average Black Metal was changed to serious, dignified Occult Black Metal in which they found the source to channel the spiritualism and & dark energy of magic. Obviously when anyone will look inside the booklet of the cd will find many symbols refering to above written sentence, where Luciferianism and ancient Serpent Cult is more then evident. Now as for the music I am totally bewitched by variousity and complexity at the same time. It is even hard to focus where to start with description of this masterpiece. I think it is one of the best releases in the last year, not quite sure if any other record was quite shocking with its maturity and diversity. Quite amazing is the fact, that the vocals used here, which are some sort of clean screams with a bit harshness - like declamations but with big intensity of spiritual emotions. This is like pure emenation of blackness. More than this, at 'Ain Soph Aur' you'll find many instrumental parts with grim keyboards like old chapel organs, then at gently ambient aura in far you can hear female chanting with screams, invocations... Many, many elements to be said but better experience that for yourself. Guitar work is simply astonishing, with the different patterns at all the time, consturction of the riffs in absolute way, all together it makes it very sublime and sophisticated. Usually I get upset with the sound of drums we have here, but it seems that all depends how you are going to receive the final effect of the whole record. Suerly, the useage of triggers is here, all the modern details you can achieve is studio while producing the album are here. But as I said, it doesn't make here any difference for Hetroertzen to be deleted from seriousness. More, it makes the record sound more vividly and mature. Apart from outstanding music, at the same time I received amazing visual complex of the release. Extensive booklet with lyrics, drawings which also are creating and underlining the aura of 'Ain Soph Aur', pictures of this convent members with informations that I all needed. Indescriable work!

22 lip 2016

Vulturine 'Tentáculos da Aberração'

Caverna Abismal Records

1. Born to Spread His Words
2. Devotion
3. Fanatismo & Obsessão
4. Death Tentacles Chaos and Spiritual Destruction
5. Tentáculos da Aberração (Negative. Music. Worldwide)
6. You Are Canceled
7. Highest Power (GG Allin cover)

This is the third album of this Brazilian trio. Apart from albums I counted ten other releases, so they keep themself busy. Vulturine is playing Black Metal and I guess some of you will just stop reading this review. Yes, it's true that their underground BM bands are so similar and so often so horrendously pathetic in copying each other. Clone after clone mixing blasting of first era of Marduk with a sound that came out from Norway. Repetitive and boring. But lets stop writting about them, Vulturine is way different then most hordes I had opportunity to listen to. Their misanthropic image with obligatory corpse-paint  is matching perfectly to what we hear from their compositions. 6 tracks on this cassette version album (GG Alin cover included) are longish but interesting. They have skill of going from a faster part to almost hypnotizing slower soundscape, it is done with such ease and without any special efforts, plain flow. And the music is changing then from Black Metal in its vile form to almost calm sounding music with slower guitars and keyboards making the aura a bit disturbing. The possessed vocals are keeping the songs in each moment sick and evil, while W. is making a lot of variety with his voice. Music is also maintaing different but the denominator is only one: Black Metal. Pace is from fast, but to be honest blasts are not popular in Vulturine, at least not the kind of blasts we are used to in this genre. Sound is aggressive but still clear. It helps to bring forward the solid madness which being exposed is drilling our heads insanely. All in all, a tape that for many of you is a must buy!

No link to band page

21 lip 2016

Profanity Angel 'Acts of Desecration and Blasphemy'

Putrid Cult

1. Blasphomeus Proclamation of Doom
2. Black Dawn Witnesses
3. Domination
4. Profanation
5. The Grand March of Impurity
6. Sacrifice of the Self-Proclaimed Saviour

From Poland comes another debutant. Line-up unknown but I don't really care about it as long they will continue with music recordings like this demo. Death Black Metal done by these freaks is like a come back to the times where solid and devastating acts were playing such destruction. Unholy and with oozing stench of purid old cemetary, Profanity Angel delivers the blasphemies at the highest level, like letting in the genocide storm into the prison where the whole human race is traped. Do you need any music associations? Their music is churning with Black Witchery, Archgoat, Proclamation inspirations. Sound is dirty, guitar sound like a ton of coal and grids of sand, which is good while it will blow away in fear unwanted and random 'fans'. I like a lot vocals which were made with reverb effect, sounding very deep and formidable. What else? Well, just a demo lasting for 22 minutes but enough to get familiar with the idea and vision behind Profanity Angel. For fans of bestiality and blasphemous attack only!

20 lip 2016

Deserted Fear 'Kingdom of Worms'

F.D.A. Records

1. Intro
2. Forging Delusions
3. Kingdom of Worms
4. Call Me Your God
5. Wrath on Your Wound
6. Torn by Hatred
7. The Agony
8. With Might and Main
9. Shattering the Soil
10. Mortal Reign
11. Last of a Fading Kind

Second album of German old school Death Metallers is out and I'm happy to have it in my collection. It is an unwritten rule that releases by F.D.A. Rekotz can't fail (or unless it is happening very rarely that you are unsatisfied with what you got from them) and same is with 'Kingdom of Worms' -> old fucking Death Metal but with a more freshly sound. Mr Westphal 'Necromaniac' didn't make me content with the cover art and first of all with the concept of colors. The beige tints looks somehow not convincing and in my opinion if that would be done with only the black/white form, it would make the outcome amazing. Now its kind of childish and even the whole painting is very good itself then I just cannot accept it in this way, it is something about it man... Fuck it! Lets move to music. Before even getting close to listen & watch their official video to title track, I had some doubts or worries that they may follow into some more modern style with loosing their debut album identity. I couldn't be more wrong, Germans stayed faithful to their style and uleashed a beast with sound of Swedish Death Metal. Structures of the songs have beside mentioned Swedish influences also plenty moments that seems to be remarkable for such acts like Bolt Thrower or even old Asphyx. Solo guitars are very melodic, harmonical and also so much reminding of good old Heavy Metal. It is good that vocals of Manuel are clear in the scheme of the genre of Death, no variations just pure growls as in early '90s. Looking at this release I can tell you that it is a powerful stuff with accentuating the guitar works. Most likely this instrument in taking the lead in this 40 minutes of music. The duo of bass and drums is a bit behind as it comes for focusing at the rest of music but it doesn't mean it is hidden in shadows. What is missing is maybe a bit more of faster parts but I have to say that Deserted Fear is fulfilling the mission with mid pace where they fell mostly the best! 
Second album has just prooven and set the place of Deserted Fear, the place in old school Death Metal as the band which should & must gain respect and more recogiction around maniacs. Check them!


19 lip 2016

Goat Semen 'Ego Svm Satana'

Hells Headbangers Records

1. Letanías de Satán - Intro
2. Holocausto
3. Genocidio
4. Warfare Noise
5. Revelaciones
6. Altares de Pandemonium
7. Madre muerte
8. Hambre, peste, guerra y muerte
9. Ego Svm Satana

Splits, demo tapes, live recordings and finally after 15 years this Peruwian monster recorded a debut album which was released by the HHR. Fans worldwide expecting their heads to be smashed with the onward going machine of fucking war & blasphemy will be more then pleased. The intense of each song is overwhelming and I am feeling like someone took my head and start bashing it against the wall. This means this is amazingly good stuff then! Abnormal rhythm section that is blasting almost all the way through the record, growls & screams of vocalist are so evil, filled with hatred towards holiness & humanity, almost with fucking animal instinct. Also at the longest track lasting more then 10 minutes 'Hambre, Peste, Guerra y Muerte' the vocals are mad, possessed, totally depraved and is like hearing agony of mental person. It's so fascinating! Bestiality of Southern America scene and fucking hearing such devoted material made with fucking passion, honestly an honour to me to listen to. Black Metal combination with Death Metal of old days, simply astonishing killer stuff. Fuck preety sound, this is Hell! Massive riffs that destroy all your living will and hope for anything good at this planet Earth. Vocals that will rape your soul with the demolishing terror, it is like a nuclear tornado. Argh! My day today is done, Goat Semen will blaspheme couple of times more here.

18 lip 2016

Annog Vnrama 'Seven Names ov Chaos'

Charred Remains Records

1. Ogdru Jahad  
2. Blood over the Trinity  
3. Dead Mind  
4. Seth  
5. Son of the Fallen Angel  
6. Ignorance, Confusion and Chaos  
7. Omnipresent Pain  
8. Human Piece of Cake  
9. Deimos

From Chile we have another debutant which is working its ass off in the underground since 2005. I must say that I wasn't any familiar with their music (after checking it appeared they had only one demo before and maybe some unofficial stuff) and what a surprise. Blasting technical Death Metal served in a brutal way without being contrived in its ideas. Of corse, the musician skills here are damn high and also exposed in certain patterns and riffs but it is definately not a guitar wanking show off (few annoying moments like for example the song 'Omnipresent Pain' which is done at unbelieveable speed and it seems that it turned it all to a big noise). Yes, the band is well drawing the line between the brutal music and non-sense splurging exposure of riffage. Sometimes when the pace is reaching its maximum the sound of snare drum is ridicilously close to carton box, therefore a question to you: is this what Brutal Death Metal is or should become? Now the bright points. Plenty of very good ideas, well mixed riffs with the dynamics of drums - everything just sounds the way of anger with brutality must be played. Even in a song like 'Seth' which last couple of second more then 8 minutes in together, I didn't found myself confused or borded. It was like chapter after chapter after chapter, almost like good horror book. Deep vocals does help here alot, making these almost 40 minutes of chaos even more disgusting and horrid. Only if they could keep themselves away from ultra speed areas all will be fine and not maked down as a non-identity plastic bitterness.

15 lip 2016

Rotten Age 'Zgnilizna Dziejów'

Werewolf Promotions/ Black Death Prod.

Side A
1. Zgnilizna dziejów  
2. Bloody Hunger  
3. Przeznaczenie  
4. Zaraza  
5. Hymn śmierci  
Side B
6. Bluźniercy  
7. Królestwo złudzeń  
8. The Last Breath of Rotten Age  
9. Hańba  
10. Kowadło nienawiści

Polish horde with their debut album. Not quite sure who did release their CD (or was it cd-r?) but I'm more than happy to have in my collection this tape. What we have here is 10 tracks (last two are re-recorded versions with new vocals and bass from their previous Promo material) of hateful Black Metal. Most the time we are under the bombardment of blasts and faster parts where the snare drum is a bit in front. But it is not the dominating instrument while the guitars and vocals were done in the same symbiosis. This is not about slowly crafting the mood here. It is only to go forward and destroy or abuse everything that is holy. Nothing new, same used patterns but somehow even this is a million time the same shit you've heard before, I fucking like it. Simple, straightforward going with a bit of pugnacity. Great sound, powerful screams and no prisioners taken. 50 minutes of war against christianity.

14 lip 2016

Cthulhu Rises 'Ku Chwale Mrocznych Eonów I'

Putrid Cult

Side A
1. Azathoth
2. Katharsis II  
3. Czarna koza z lasu z tysiącem młodych  
Side B
4. Dagon  
5. Katharsis I  
6. Panteon ponurych trzęsawisk

Demo debut by this abyssal horde called Cthulhu Rises. As much the name suggests, the obvious inspiration for the lyrical area is the greatest creator of menace in literature ever, Mr. Lovecraft. The music goes well in hand with lyrics. So dismal and inhuman that the goal is acheived in first demo. Its somehow claustrophobic but it gets the terror placed in your head, you are just listening to tape every second and breathing for what's next to come. Raw guitars are mixed with accoustic parts, this manipulation is making the music even more cavernous, sombre and inscrutable. Riffs are nothing new at all, but the way this polish duo done it, is kind of wondering how in a possible way this horror from depths was enclosed in sonic. Also the slower pace building up the atmosphere of horror is like being under deep waters, drowning in silent waves where you're slowly dying. Vocals are not typical, its like rhythimical screams of word along with screeching which could be representative for early '90s. Such music needs the ambience and its astounding horrid atmosphere is going to be felt while listened in darkness, with nobody around. 

13 lip 2016

13th Moon 'Abhorrence of Light'

Triangulum Ignis

1. The Rite as Sinister as Old
2. Nigredo - The Lurid Light
3. Primitive Existence of Divine Pain
4. La cripta dei lebbrosi
5. Breathing the Putrefaction of Their Grace

Another re-release of this amazing art of Black Death that is 13th Moon doing is justifable while looking how much this project of Shakh'ath gained attention since its creation 2012. Yet, another confirmation what you can acheive in short time by creating honest & devoted music. I think everyone knows already this album, but I don't care, its causes and deliver such gravish and sinister atmosphere that I had to write about it - at least a short review. Within the sound of old cathedral bells and hunting winds the ritualistic journey of 'Abhorrence of Light' is starting. 13th Moon is creating unbelievable aura of Blackened Death Metal, the cryptic necro stench is ready for you to inhale. The whole record gives some sort of feeling that I'm in an old coffin which is hidden somewhere in a cave where the lurid ceremony is taking a place. Between the proper hymns, Shakh'ath created two ambient, totally morbid & nightmarish in sound. This downtuned death evocation is like feeling the rotten, but alive breath of resurreced corpse in a macabre of necromancy. There is no divinity, nothing can be sacred while everything is covered with the thick fog of blasphemy. One of this records which can be played during the night in total darkness and only then you'll fell the entirety of the might entrapped in each sound. And yes, the ear of abhorrence of light has just began. 

12 lip 2016

Eternal Solstice 'Remnants of Immortality'

Dark Descent Records

1. Remnants of Immortality
2. Ritual Prey
3. Walk in Darkness
4. Force Fed Suicide
5. Recipe for Death
6. Encroaching Horde
7. Bleed for Me
8. Extinction Debt
9. Subconscious Burial Ground

Eternal Solstice did reunion in 2010 and after 2 splits with Decrepitaph and Pentacle they recorded their fourth album 'Remnants of Immortality'. In the back times, around '90s when the first three albums were recorded, I remember they moved Death Metal Underground with their music. Of course it wasn't anything spectacular, the compositions weren't brilliant or deadly sharp, but it was kept in the fucking old school even for the years 1994-1997 when they did relese these. Same situation is here, their Death Metal is sort of just ok. I mean, you can happily listen to it for many times without getting bored, but this is nothing unique. And I guess it supposed to be this way, just a fucking rotted underground Death Metal with better sound and productions, but still the same way archaic as it was before with one major problem which I'll describe later on. What is more added to the compositions is a bit of melodic play by lead guitars especially when on the top there is solo guitar. This is the best part to check their avaibility with decent melodies. Most of the playing time, the arrangments are constructed the way we have simply a feast of rhythmical play. For example 'Encroaching Horde' is just filled with solos, melodies but with heavy rhythm guitars too. Maybe sometimes too melodic, it brings memories of a bit Gothenburg scene hehe. 'Remnants of Immortality' is mostly made with mid pace, so for those who expect furious Death Metal bombardment, just forget it. This cup of blood is really rotted in old days. Ok now it is time to uncover the unpleasent part, the vocals. These are very often doubled, so under the growling parts we hear in the background screams with the same lirics lines as growls. And it is so annoying for me, it ruined the whole album in my opinion. This is something I would suggest only to deaf to listen with joy, the screams are like bland food without seasoning. You still can eat it, but you know it was a waste of your money (only vocalwise). 
Anyway, it is a solid fourth album despite the vocals. Now we can do fuck all about it and simply just try to not listen to / avoid them somehow with your inner senses or fucking let go and not buy the album. I'm on the first option but the choice is yours.

11 lip 2016

Drowning The Light 'Diabolical Winter Spells'

Demo vinyl'13
Obscure Abhorrence

1. Raptured by Arcane Power
2. Diabolical Winter Spells
3. Poisonous Glory
4. The Serpent & the Scythe
5. Now with Hearts of Frost We Chant, to Ignite the Flame of the Old

Another masterpiece by Drowning The Light. As this act is underrated by many or even ignored, than some simply adore this project and can't simply pass by with indifference any of their releases. What is even better, Azgorh is composing amazingly atmosphere on each material no matter if this is a demo or full-lenght album, the ancient spirit of Black Metal speaks here by itself. The vinyl version I have is by Obscure Abhorence and it is without bonus tracks and was released as '10 inch. No posters, no glamorous & necessary stuff included, just black vinyl and card-box cover. What is amazing about this recording, it was composed in winter of 2009 and winter after winter for four years Azgorh with Blackheart were adding some elements to it. Finally the full and completed version is in my hands. Drowning The Light was always dragging my attention towards their music by the ultimate sound of old, grim, cold sound of guitars and drums without any modern knick-knacks avaiable in each studio. More of that, they (or he - Azgorh who is a mastermind of each of DTL material) managed always to merge that sound with unbelieveable atmosphere of early '90s with inspirations taken even from Greece or early Norway's hordes. That means pathos in the elements in DTL music, it means something that is like spell to myself, to my soul. Many times before I was saying that I am not a fan of keyboards in BM but yet again, this a huge exception. Background with such towering with pride atmosphere is making me spechless. In the last track called 'Now with Hearts of Frost We Chant, to Ignite the Flame of the Old' you can hear accoustic guitar with clean vocals which is creates some sort of nostalgic feeling. I can asure you, a must to have!

10 lip 2016

Hädanfärd 'Vederstyggelsens uppväckelse part.II'

EP CD'14
Blut & Eisen Productions

1. Skoningslöshetens herre
2. Likåsakans urskallande helgedom
3. Lömskhetens illviliga upprinelse
4. Myrmarkernas dödsande
5. Predikarens svarta urafbild
6. Underjordens gastar
7. Formad af skuggsidans varelser
8. Svarthetens dunkla salar
9. Nidstrof

From Sweden, known already in certain circles of Black Metal, Sir N. delivers a vision of Black Metal which seems to differ a lot from what is around on the scene. I have to mention also about Sir N. - mastermind who is in plenty of other projects, also in a role of song-writting, which are active a lot last years and released still some sounds. Just to mention Grav, Acerbitas, Grifeskymfning or Svartrit... Anyway, Hädanfärd aims to Atmospheric Black Metal which is done mosty in traditional instruments. What needs to be said here is very raw, not distorted sound. The guitars have bearly any power in them, played like with any amps. From the other side, this is the biggest strenght and power at the same time here. This primitive sound (not primitive in old Darkthrone way) is like a wall that surrounds you and keeps you traped. Secondly, the leading guitar sound is almost close to accoustic, I really don't know how to describe it. It is the trance, mania of taking your thoughts away in sonic ritual of eerie forces. I think this is the opposite of everything you can achive in modern computer studios. Drums... no triggers, no power effects, simply natural as this instrument should sound! most of the record is kept in mid pace but there are few moments of fast blasting. It doesn't get into a noisy shit, well even on fast parts you can hear well drum kicks and snare drum at the same time. Few times we can hear violins and these parts are breathtaking ones, the atmosphere then arises to unique & grandiose soundscape. Even a bit melancholic or nostalgic. Then vocals are half in half Black Metal screams and clear voice declamations. Even these to differ from other records you already know. Declamations or spoken lines are done with emphasis on emotions, then these are also mixed with a bit hoarsed throat of Sir N. Screams are subdued, when appear they not dominate the rest of music. And all in all the atmosphere of death mysticism is present, is almost visualised by this sonic negativity covered with thick darkness.
Even it is an EP in the eyes of Sir N., it is more then 40 minutes of music. I can seriously recommend this for those who are into Swedish scene of Black Metal, the songs deliver a lot of dark melody parts exactly in this eerie form. Secondly to all those who are into serious and not bland Atmospheric Black Metal in it real outstanding form. Not for stupid mass, only to those who see and undrstand more.

No band link

9 lip 2016

Dysangelium 'Leviaxxis'

demo CD'14
World Terror Committee

1. 'Til Only Thy Light Is Left
2. Obelisk of the Sevencrowned Son
3. Chaomega

Two years ago when I wrote this review, this band was a new face in German underground but apparently so relevant that W.T.C. has released their second demo on cd in carton sleeve plus made the papers ready to sing to release their full-lenght (which had happen in 24th of December 2014). 'Leviaxxis' contains three tracks which are pure sentence to what is orthodox Satanism or so called Religious BM nowadays. I think some of the guitar works remind a bit of Swedish Black Metal vein and the time of 2003 when Watain wasn't an ass selling out whore as it is nowadays. I think I would be correct if I point out 'Casus Luciferi' as a main influence for these Germans. Also the second name that is coming to my head is Ondskapt with their 2002 debut 'Draco Sit Mihi Dux'. Don't be somehow disappointed that this another band joining the crew of blind copies of Swedish Orthodox style, no. I must say that even you'll find fragments of these influenses in their music, then the whole outcome begining from sound to finish on each intrument work separetly has its own face. Dysangelium created in these three opuses huge accumulation of devotion that for example Watian is lacking. Lets skip these comparions. Dysnagelium within 12 minutes long material is able to attract my attention how much they are serious and into what they are playing. Being in this music for more then 20 years is so easy to feel if someone is pretending and only playing because it is so cool. Now I assure you that Dysangelium isn't about that, while their loudly and possesed vocalist spit another curses & invocations to Dark Master. Dynamic, rampageous and 'in depth' demo. Same story goes with the following debut album 'Thánatos Áskēsis'.

8 lip 2016

Kosa / Naburus 'Rydwany Śmierci / Martwy'

Okaleczenie Distro

1. Kosa - To jest mój czas
2. Kosa - Rydwan
3. Kosa - Gdy gasną gwiazdy
4. Naburus - Martwy I
5. Naburus - Martwy II
6. Naburus - Martwy Outro
7. Naburus - Beholding the daughters of the firmament (Burzum cover)

This CD split release was unleased between three Polish labels: Okaleczenie Ditro, Total War and Hell Is Here. I received my copy from Okaleczenie Distro and also I can tell you to drop an email to this guy, while he has some interesting titles to offer from a total Black Metal Underground. Anyway, here are my notes regarding this release. Btw. it was released in a very obscure way - just demo covers with track names plus logos of the three labels. No contacts, nothing - just the real Underground for total maniacs. 
It starts of with three tracks by Kosa, which can be translated as: 'This is my Time', 'Chariot' and 'When the Stars Fade'. What can be said in the first place that this material is the same as on the debut demo by Kosa. And too bad they didn't add anything new, not even a cover song. If someone had their CD-r demo before than I think he could feel a bit disappointment. Anyway, this is not so important as the music itself, but worth to mention. The sound is sharp, especially the guitar riffs are amazingly presented. These are not too complicated, easy to catch up with the melodic side. The bass is roaring in the background, which is great to hear. Such thing delivers more thrilling and for me it is like another dose of disgust added to the whole cup of blood. Also the sound is deep, I think it wasn't been way too much accelerated in the studio, it still sounds naturally. What has to be said here is the fact, it is not overdone, noone was trying to make it in a modern meaning 'too powerful', fuck it. Its raw, aggressive and deadly obscure as it should be. The tempo of the compositions is mainly mid-paced and Kosa is feeling well in that area, it adds more condemnation to the whole feeling. Of course there are some parts which are fast, but it is far away from non stop blasting. Also the vocals are not too typical as for Black Metal, screams with a bit growlish like tone. Maybe it gives a bit of blurry effect to it, but the whole outcome is listenable and I did enjoy these three songs a lot. Thrilling, disgusting and hatred.
Second band here is Naburus, which is also delivering their old EP with added third song 'Martwy Outro' and the cover of Burzum track. Martwy in Polish laguage means 'dead', so we have here some sort of combined by one idea / vision material about being dead or deadness. No clue while there are no lyrics there. Anyway, Naburus presents more raw Black Metal form which is also focused on mid-tempos with a some faster parts. Sound is more live, I think there were not much effects added in the studio while recording. Riffage is also put emphasis on melodies and these here are more varied. We have some straightforward going guitars which after some time are replaced with obscure, fog-like landscapes. 'Marwty II' also has a part with accoustic guitars and that was for me like being drowned in a turbid waters... Simply amazing atmosphere, so negative and spitting with revulsion. Last on this CD is a cover played by Naburus of Burzum track 'Beholding the daughters of the firmament'. Fukk.. It is not desperate, so fukking vein opening... It was recorded in reh room (judging by the sound) and maybe this gave such a boost to it? But yes, amazingly disgusting.
'Rydwany Śmierci / Martwy' is a split where you can certainly look for such values like disdain towards all modern world and its qualities, ugliness of human beings, hatred and death itself. This the Black Metal of old days, which should never have left the basements.

Naburus: setheroth@wp.pl
Okaleczenie Distro: slavicusfuror@interia.pl

7 lip 2016

Purtenance 'Awaken From Slumber'

Xtreem Records

1. Intro
2. Hatred
3. What Was Hidden
4. Toxic Death
5. Field of Terror
6. Vaikka paahtuisin tulessa
7. End for the Parasites (Called Humankind)
8. Hour of the Cannibal
9. Temptation of Suicide
10. Risen from Grave
11. Endless Abyss (Outro)

Fins are back with their second album after being split-up for 20 years. I haven't got the opportunity to hear the EP 'Sacrifice the King' that came out before this album. Anyway, what I can say for sure is that they made music more brutal sounding which isn't that much a problem nowadays with all these fance computers and effects in studios. But, to keep that sound also filthy and brutal at the same time is somthing that not each band can do. Yes, we have here very heavy, mind crushing sound of guitars with great work of exposed bass that is melting your every fucking cell. Both ways, they play fast or even with Doom parts, you simply want more! These 37 minutes are passing quickly by, but you know for sure that you didn't waste any of it. It is a rotten feast of old school Death Metal and you can be absolutely sure it is Finland playing right now. Simple vicious riffs, nasty drums and vocals! These are so low... alomst like gutturals but still growls mixed with screams are giving splendid effect of how beasty this is. Also the fine solo guitars, more like leading ones on top of slow riffs, arrrghhh! What a perfect theatre of early '90s Death Metal. So in other words, if you enjoyed their debut album from 1992 'Member Of Immortal Damnation', then their second album after 21 years is for you!

6 lip 2016

Fornicus 'Storming Heaven'

Negative Earth Records

1. The Pledge
2. We Are Sin
3. Pallium Mali
4. King of the Egoists
5. Into Obscurity
6. Thirst for God
7. Antichrist (Sepultura cover)
8. Storming Heaven
9. The Beckoning

What a nice surprise. After looking at the front cover of this record I wasn't expecting such a hit in a face! Of course, cover isn't missing anything, we have here gates of heaven opening while demons are killing angels. The fact is that the cover art is colourful and somehow 'modern-way' done and the music is not that at all. The combination of Death & Black Metal is alive a lot here and it sounds so massive and evil. These four Americans are focused here at one thing and that is, come and kill in old school way. I feel like someone did throw into one bag Vomitory, Morbid Angel and Dissection. It may seem as a not easy combination to go through but the feeling and fucking power the album helds is absolutely beyond any discusion. Heavy guitars are storming from hell and seriously damaging in this war everything on their way. The riffs are mostly done in variations between melodics and faster rhythm machinery pace. When slowing down, it get a little of nostalgic but still angry mood - like watching your victim dying on your eyes when the venom is already working inside veins. I think that 'Storming Heaven' is very guitar work album. The emphasis on this instrument is well exposed and the even the rest is well heard the wall of riffage is still in first plan. Vocals are very good, sharp and filled with hate and at the same time the screamo tone of vocalist is so understandable, he is one of these vocalists who insanely bark and howl - the content of lyrics by these guys can be only guessed from booklets. In between their songs, they decided to place a cover of Sepultura 'Antichrist' and fucking hell! What a powerful realization! If you like old school albums, traditional versions of Black/Death Metal? Fornicus is the answer!

No label link

5 lip 2016

Empire Of The Moon 'Πανσέληνος'

Floga Records

1. The Dawn of Undead Rising
2. Mastery of Blood
3. Lunar Apocalypse
4. Psychomanteion
5. The Nine Skulls of Kali
6. Symphony of the Draconian Queen

Acherontas Promotions released this outstanding record in both CD and tape version, but I'm a proud owner of vinyl by Floga Records, released exactly at 25th of December last year. Its quite strange that we have to wait 17 years for this album after the demo from 1997. Or maybe not that strange? There was no date to push the deadline to record 'Πανσέληνος' and it may sound weird enough that I can wait another 17 years from second album like this one. Just holding it in my hands it thrills me how perfect it is. The colours of the cover art machtes the harmony of the music, the spiritual and mysterious aura is tangible here. Black Metal presented by Empire Of The Moon bow down to the most finest traditions of early days of Black Metal scene in Greece. So if you are into first records by Rotting Christ, Varathron or Necromantia then you'll be dying to get a copy of this material. The recognizable riffs in this record are just like a statement from Greek Black Metal bible, so characteristic for '90s times. There are no blasts or anything that you could place under the word 'hatred'. I can truely say that this music is art, it is not for every stupid drunk metalhead or kid who is just here to bang the head because it is so cool. 'Πανσέληνος' is an occult, spiritual, deathlike mysticism which is possessing your soul. The atmosphere created by keyboards is just outstanding, it will enchant the listener. Such a maturity and complex work is not a result of simple arrangements, no. This is what you can only get when you are in one hundred percent honest and this art is inside of you, is your part. Then the vocals which, if you are following the lyrics, are just like a ceremony, like ancient meditation. I think there is no need to waste words which will never decribe in this case the content of this record. Last days of the year 2014 was something unique and remarkable thanks to this album.


4 lip 2016

Witchmaster 'Antichristus Ex Utero'

Osmose Productions

1. Antichristus ex Utero
2. Fire Starts from the Mouth
3. Black Leather
4. Attack and Release
5. Master of Confusion
6. Caricature of Humanity
7. When Will It All End?
8. She Said Red
9. Demon of Obliteration
10. Black Goat Sacrifice
11. ...and It Burns

When I wrote this review it was already 5 years of waiting and I finally hold in my hands the fifth full-lenght album of Polish blasphemers Witchmaster. I think this is something it must be siad in the begining here, Witchmaster blongs to this circle of bands that they evolve with music with every single releases but still they play the same old shit which you fucking adore so much. With no worries or laster surprise I started to listen to it. Again, as it comes to all their albums there is either no disappointment here. 11 tracks to last a minute more then half an hour is enough to satisfy some of my hunger, sadly not fed sufficiently I am on the level of playing it all the time. Another day when I have a pile of new releases and tapes to be recorded but no, Witchmaster is keeping my busy. Anyway, what 'Antichristus Ex Utero' is serving is a nice voyage through all their inspirations where you'll find everything that is dirty, not pleasant, filthy, violent, obscure, boorish, not spohisticated at all and fucking Metal to the fucking bone! I don't really know what pussy won't at least like this album or previous ones, but in my opinion you're cunts and 'AEU' is at least to be said a solid album that burst with energy and hate. Blasting parts with a lot of chaotic solo guitars, plenty of mid pace when Witchmaster is showing their biggest abilities, riffage is a total explosion of catchy but yet harsh and sharp melodies, and of course beasty vocals of Bastis being accompanied with screams of Reyash and Kali! Of course the come back of Inferno behind the drumkit is also a big advantage. Bastek during 'Trucizna' did well, but this is fucking Inferno! For me it is an album I can listen all the time and even while walking around city I do remind myself some fragments of it in my head which is a good thing meaning it won't get lost between a flood of hundreds of thousand other recordings. 

3 lip 2016

Triumvir Foul 'Triumvir Foul'

'Triumvir Foul' CD'15
Blood Harvest

1. Labyrinthine - The Blood Serpent Unwinds
2. Profanation (of the Wicked)
3. Pathways to Decay
4. Hedonistic Prayer - The Abhorrent Depths of Perversion
5. The Vomit of the Three Serpents (Ušumgallu, Bašmu, Mušmaḫḫū)
6. Endless Spiritual Violence
7. Banished to Silence and Slavery
8. Carnal Spectre
9. Tower of Bašmu - The Corruption of Flesh and Spirit

The entrance of the darkest abyss might finally exist in Oregon USA… The debut full length album of Triumvir Foul is the key to enter those depths. The band began their discography in 2014 with the demo ‘’An Oath Of Blood And Fire’’ but all the band members are experienced players playing in other bands such as Ash Borer, Dagger Lust, Urzeit and Cerebrate and more…
So let’s take a trip into the album…
Heavily distorted guitar sound, bass lines with an enormous tune, physical and solid drumming and a voice vomiting the lyrics from a cave full of corpses.
A total dark atmosphere that will embrace you and will give you the feeling of the cold stone graves and the smell of the soil of the cemetery. Listening the whole album and looking the artwork cover will give you the exact sense of the album, humid, cold and concrete passages leading to an unknown gloomy place !! This how a death metal album should be !!
If you like Teitanblood, Necrovore, Incantation and Grave Miasma this album is for you, all the elements of abyssal death metal exists  in this full length. The album is released in 2015 by Blood Harvest Recs from Sweden so you know what to expect…
The track Banished to silence and slavery is a personal  favorite for me, mid tempo double bass kicks and a furious sudden blast part will break your neck and leave you cold in an eerie atmosphere and after that the track Carnal Spectre begins with a threatening intro out from the darkest inhuman abyss and crushes your ears !!!
In my opinion this album is very underrated and it totally deserves more attention by everyone who is in love with Death Metal music… Buy the album and enter the depths of triumvir foul !!

Written by G.

2 lip 2016

Likferd 'Naar Skyggerne Tar Oss'


1. Djevelnatt
2. Inn i evighetens taake
3. Stemmer fra en aapen grav
4. Nattferd

Four track demo by Likferd from Norway is something I would never think I'm going to listen to nowadays. With its obvious tribiute to old records of Burzum, this solo project of Draugur, the music is going far more then just to be a blind copy of the masterpiece of 'Hvis Lyset Tat Oss' album of Norwegian from 1994. Even it is so close to this atmosphere, I mean like entrapped in this hazy inspiration of darkness but getting out from it at the same time, but bringing the newness and combining it with Burzum's patterns of ideal aura from the past. And both elements are fucking brilliant idea, even more - it is very natural and you can hear that this tracks are forwarded from evil mind of Draugur without trying to make it difficult of or complicated. Now enough with alegories, lets move to the music in straight words as it is. Likferd has created something I would simply describe as Atmospheric Black Metal. What is distinguishing here is the sound of the whole recording, it make you back to the times when there were not so many hordes and underground wasn't flooded with shit like sewage. Music is set to slow face Black Metal with some relishes as keyboards in the background strongly lining out the atmosphere. It's very dismal, gloomy and cheerless but not even close to depressive. The sound is like in the 90's which for me is huge advantage in 'Naar Skyggerne Tar Oss'. This secure the tone of authentic vibe which is here all the time, in every second of Likferd's music. Vocals are grim and somber, done in Norwegian laguage. This is enough for now, get this tape and listen to it judging by yourself.

1 lip 2016

Azaghal 'Madon Sanat'

Hammer Of Hate Records

1. VSKP (Intro)
2. Thanatos
3. Madon sanat
4. Ruton enkeli
5. Kielletty sakramentti
6. Rutto Saatanan aseena tätä maailmaa vastaan
7. Ziggurat
8. Kanavoija
9. Varjokuninkaat
10. Uusi maailma, uusi mahti
11. Käärmeen riitti

Fins returned this year with their tenth album. If you have been following their path, you do exactly saw how the horde was going through chages of line-up and what's more important - the changes, the progress they did. Starting 20 years ago under the name of Belfegor, Azaghal is for me personally one of the magnificant acts in Finland of Black Metal scene, sadly underrated by many. Honestly I have no idea why albums of bands like Behexen or Baptism amongst few more are treated more seriously than Azaghal's. Is it because of traditional image of band which is not going to follow 'on top' orthodox sub-genre? Not me to judge, but it is a pity that many maniacs are loosing opportunity to find out how fucking stupendous it is. Anyway, 'Madon Sanat' is out through Hammer of Hare which now transformed to Kvlt label or it is a sub-label, too confusing honestly. What we have here is again as with previous albums, a seriously well executed Black Metal, extremely well produced & recorded. The sound even it is very selective it is not left without the proper sharpness and fucking venom spitting out of it. Nowadays many hordes are reaching to sound more aggressive and with the much more advanced level of compositions such a selected sound is a superb solution - it gives you the advantage of listening to each single pattern the band placed in their music. So it is in here. Azaghal is a beast that is crushing & tormenting with hate everything on its way while being on blasting pace! When it gets a bit slower, more rhythmical, its close to break your neck from fucking headbanging. With mixture of traditional Black Metal solutions, Azaghal is also grabing a lot from other styles like Death, Thrash or even Heavy Metal. Listen closely to the riffage, to clean vocal parts (which are in their music for a while now) and the pulse of drums and I assure you - this a fucking masterpiece. Mentioned vocals above, really good variety from typical BM screams to the bond of using both clean & hellish damnated vocals, good job! It really keeps my thoughts in good mood that even after 20 years & 10 albums plus many demos and other EPs, Fins can still deliver such quality Black Metal without loosing their honesty and true identity.