13 lip 2016

13th Moon 'Abhorrence of Light'

Triangulum Ignis

1. The Rite as Sinister as Old
2. Nigredo - The Lurid Light
3. Primitive Existence of Divine Pain
4. La cripta dei lebbrosi
5. Breathing the Putrefaction of Their Grace

Another re-release of this amazing art of Black Death that is 13th Moon doing is justifable while looking how much this project of Shakh'ath gained attention since its creation 2012. Yet, another confirmation what you can acheive in short time by creating honest & devoted music. I think everyone knows already this album, but I don't care, its causes and deliver such gravish and sinister atmosphere that I had to write about it - at least a short review. Within the sound of old cathedral bells and hunting winds the ritualistic journey of 'Abhorrence of Light' is starting. 13th Moon is creating unbelievable aura of Blackened Death Metal, the cryptic necro stench is ready for you to inhale. The whole record gives some sort of feeling that I'm in an old coffin which is hidden somewhere in a cave where the lurid ceremony is taking a place. Between the proper hymns, Shakh'ath created two ambient, totally morbid & nightmarish in sound. This downtuned death evocation is like feeling the rotten, but alive breath of resurreced corpse in a macabre of necromancy. There is no divinity, nothing can be sacred while everything is covered with the thick fog of blasphemy. One of this records which can be played during the night in total darkness and only then you'll fell the entirety of the might entrapped in each sound. And yes, the ear of abhorrence of light has just began.