18 lip 2016

Annog Vnrama 'Seven Names ov Chaos'

Charred Remains Records

1. Ogdru Jahad  
2. Blood over the Trinity  
3. Dead Mind  
4. Seth  
5. Son of the Fallen Angel  
6. Ignorance, Confusion and Chaos  
7. Omnipresent Pain  
8. Human Piece of Cake  
9. Deimos

From Chile we have another debutant which is working its ass off in the underground since 2005. I must say that I wasn't any familiar with their music (after checking it appeared they had only one demo before and maybe some unofficial stuff) and what a surprise. Blasting technical Death Metal served in a brutal way without being contrived in its ideas. Of corse, the musician skills here are damn high and also exposed in certain patterns and riffs but it is definately not a guitar wanking show off (few annoying moments like for example the song 'Omnipresent Pain' which is done at unbelieveable speed and it seems that it turned it all to a big noise). Yes, the band is well drawing the line between the brutal music and non-sense splurging exposure of riffage. Sometimes when the pace is reaching its maximum the sound of snare drum is ridicilously close to carton box, therefore a question to you: is this what Brutal Death Metal is or should become? Now the bright points. Plenty of very good ideas, well mixed riffs with the dynamics of drums - everything just sounds the way of anger with brutality must be played. Even in a song like 'Seth' which last couple of second more then 8 minutes in together, I didn't found myself confused or borded. It was like chapter after chapter after chapter, almost like good horror book. Deep vocals does help here alot, making these almost 40 minutes of chaos even more disgusting and horrid. Only if they could keep themselves away from ultra speed areas all will be fine and not maked down as a non-identity plastic bitterness.

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