1 lip 2016

Azaghal 'Madon Sanat'

Hammer Of Hate Records

1. VSKP (Intro)
2. Thanatos
3. Madon sanat
4. Ruton enkeli
5. Kielletty sakramentti
6. Rutto Saatanan aseena tätä maailmaa vastaan
7. Ziggurat
8. Kanavoija
9. Varjokuninkaat
10. Uusi maailma, uusi mahti
11. Käärmeen riitti

Fins returned this year with their tenth album. If you have been following their path, you do exactly saw how the horde was going through chages of line-up and what's more important - the changes, the progress they did. Starting 20 years ago under the name of Belfegor, Azaghal is for me personally one of the magnificant acts in Finland of Black Metal scene, sadly underrated by many. Honestly I have no idea why albums of bands like Behexen or Baptism amongst few more are treated more seriously than Azaghal's. Is it because of traditional image of band which is not going to follow 'on top' orthodox sub-genre? Not me to judge, but it is a pity that many maniacs are loosing opportunity to find out how fucking stupendous it is. Anyway, 'Madon Sanat' is out through Hammer of Hare which now transformed to Kvlt label or it is a sub-label, too confusing honestly. What we have here is again as with previous albums, a seriously well executed Black Metal, extremely well produced & recorded. The sound even it is very selective it is not left without the proper sharpness and fucking venom spitting out of it. Nowadays many hordes are reaching to sound more aggressive and with the much more advanced level of compositions such a selected sound is a superb solution - it gives you the advantage of listening to each single pattern the band placed in their music. So it is in here. Azaghal is a beast that is crushing & tormenting with hate everything on its way while being on blasting pace! When it gets a bit slower, more rhythmical, its close to break your neck from fucking headbanging. With mixture of traditional Black Metal solutions, Azaghal is also grabing a lot from other styles like Death, Thrash or even Heavy Metal. Listen closely to the riffage, to clean vocal parts (which are in their music for a while now) and the pulse of drums and I assure you - this a fucking masterpiece. Mentioned vocals above, really good variety from typical BM screams to the bond of using both clean & hellish damnated vocals, good job! It really keeps my thoughts in good mood that even after 20 years & 10 albums plus many demos and other EPs, Fins can still deliver such quality Black Metal without loosing their honesty and true identity.