14 lip 2016

Cthulhu Rises 'Ku Chwale Mrocznych Eonów I'

Putrid Cult

Side A
1. Azathoth
2. Katharsis II  
3. Czarna koza z lasu z tysiącem młodych  
Side B
4. Dagon  
5. Katharsis I  
6. Panteon ponurych trzęsawisk

Demo debut by this abyssal horde called Cthulhu Rises. As much the name suggests, the obvious inspiration for the lyrical area is the greatest creator of menace in literature ever, Mr. Lovecraft. The music goes well in hand with lyrics. So dismal and inhuman that the goal is acheived in first demo. Its somehow claustrophobic but it gets the terror placed in your head, you are just listening to tape every second and breathing for what's next to come. Raw guitars are mixed with accoustic parts, this manipulation is making the music even more cavernous, sombre and inscrutable. Riffs are nothing new at all, but the way this polish duo done it, is kind of wondering how in a possible way this horror from depths was enclosed in sonic. Also the slower pace building up the atmosphere of horror is like being under deep waters, drowning in silent waves where you're slowly dying. Vocals are not typical, its like rhythimical screams of word along with screeching which could be representative for early '90s. Such music needs the ambience and its astounding horrid atmosphere is going to be felt while listened in darkness, with nobody around.