20 lip 2016

Deserted Fear 'Kingdom of Worms'

F.D.A. Records

1. Intro
2. Forging Delusions
3. Kingdom of Worms
4. Call Me Your God
5. Wrath on Your Wound
6. Torn by Hatred
7. The Agony
8. With Might and Main
9. Shattering the Soil
10. Mortal Reign
11. Last of a Fading Kind

Second album of German old school Death Metallers is out and I'm happy to have it in my collection. It is an unwritten rule that releases by F.D.A. Rekotz can't fail (or unless it is happening very rarely that you are unsatisfied with what you got from them) and same is with 'Kingdom of Worms' -> old fucking Death Metal but with a more freshly sound. Mr Westphal 'Necromaniac' didn't make me content with the cover art and first of all with the concept of colors. The beige tints looks somehow not convincing and in my opinion if that would be done with only the black/white form, it would make the outcome amazing. Now its kind of childish and even the whole painting is very good itself then I just cannot accept it in this way, it is something about it man... Fuck it! Lets move to music. Before even getting close to listen & watch their official video to title track, I had some doubts or worries that they may follow into some more modern style with loosing their debut album identity. I couldn't be more wrong, Germans stayed faithful to their style and uleashed a beast with sound of Swedish Death Metal. Structures of the songs have beside mentioned Swedish influences also plenty moments that seems to be remarkable for such acts like Bolt Thrower or even old Asphyx. Solo guitars are very melodic, harmonical and also so much reminding of good old Heavy Metal. It is good that vocals of Manuel are clear in the scheme of the genre of Death, no variations just pure growls as in early '90s. Looking at this release I can tell you that it is a powerful stuff with accentuating the guitar works. Most likely this instrument in taking the lead in this 40 minutes of music. The duo of bass and drums is a bit behind as it comes for focusing at the rest of music but it doesn't mean it is hidden in shadows. What is missing is maybe a bit more of faster parts but I have to say that Deserted Fear is fulfilling the mission with mid pace where they fell mostly the best! 
Second album has just prooven and set the place of Deserted Fear, the place in old school Death Metal as the band which should & must gain respect and more recogiction around maniacs. Check them!