11 lip 2016

Drowning The Light 'Diabolical Winter Spells'

Demo vinyl'13
Obscure Abhorrence

1. Raptured by Arcane Power
2. Diabolical Winter Spells
3. Poisonous Glory
4. The Serpent & the Scythe
5. Now with Hearts of Frost We Chant, to Ignite the Flame of the Old

Another masterpiece by Drowning The Light. As this act is underrated by many or even ignored, than some simply adore this project and can't simply pass by with indifference any of their releases. What is even better, Azgorh is composing amazingly atmosphere on each material no matter if this is a demo or full-lenght album, the ancient spirit of Black Metal speaks here by itself. The vinyl version I have is by Obscure Abhorence and it is without bonus tracks and was released as '10 inch. No posters, no glamorous & necessary stuff included, just black vinyl and card-box cover. What is amazing about this recording, it was composed in winter of 2009 and winter after winter for four years Azgorh with Blackheart were adding some elements to it. Finally the full and completed version is in my hands. Drowning The Light was always dragging my attention towards their music by the ultimate sound of old, grim, cold sound of guitars and drums without any modern knick-knacks avaiable in each studio. More of that, they (or he - Azgorh who is a mastermind of each of DTL material) managed always to merge that sound with unbelieveable atmosphere of early '90s with inspirations taken even from Greece or early Norway's hordes. That means pathos in the elements in DTL music, it means something that is like spell to myself, to my soul. Many times before I was saying that I am not a fan of keyboards in BM but yet again, this a huge exception. Background with such towering with pride atmosphere is making me spechless. In the last track called 'Now with Hearts of Frost We Chant, to Ignite the Flame of the Old' you can hear accoustic guitar with clean vocals which is creates some sort of nostalgic feeling. I can asure you, a must to have!