9 lip 2016

Dysangelium 'Leviaxxis'

demo CD'14
World Terror Committee

1. 'Til Only Thy Light Is Left
2. Obelisk of the Sevencrowned Son
3. Chaomega

Two years ago when I wrote this review, this band was a new face in German underground but apparently so relevant that W.T.C. has released their second demo on cd in carton sleeve plus made the papers ready to sing to release their full-lenght (which had happen in 24th of December 2014). 'Leviaxxis' contains three tracks which are pure sentence to what is orthodox Satanism or so called Religious BM nowadays. I think some of the guitar works remind a bit of Swedish Black Metal vein and the time of 2003 when Watain wasn't an ass selling out whore as it is nowadays. I think I would be correct if I point out 'Casus Luciferi' as a main influence for these Germans. Also the second name that is coming to my head is Ondskapt with their 2002 debut 'Draco Sit Mihi Dux'. Don't be somehow disappointed that this another band joining the crew of blind copies of Swedish Orthodox style, no. I must say that even you'll find fragments of these influenses in their music, then the whole outcome begining from sound to finish on each intrument work separetly has its own face. Dysangelium created in these three opuses huge accumulation of devotion that for example Watian is lacking. Lets skip these comparions. Dysnagelium within 12 minutes long material is able to attract my attention how much they are serious and into what they are playing. Being in this music for more then 20 years is so easy to feel if someone is pretending and only playing because it is so cool. Now I assure you that Dysangelium isn't about that, while their loudly and possesed vocalist spit another curses & invocations to Dark Master. Dynamic, rampageous and 'in depth' demo. Same story goes with the following debut album 'Thánatos Áskēsis'.