5 lip 2016

Empire Of The Moon 'Πανσέληνος'

Floga Records

1. The Dawn of Undead Rising
2. Mastery of Blood
3. Lunar Apocalypse
4. Psychomanteion
5. The Nine Skulls of Kali
6. Symphony of the Draconian Queen

Acherontas Promotions released this outstanding record in both CD and tape version, but I'm a proud owner of vinyl by Floga Records, released exactly at 25th of December last year. Its quite strange that we have to wait 17 years for this album after the demo from 1997. Or maybe not that strange? There was no date to push the deadline to record 'Πανσέληνος' and it may sound weird enough that I can wait another 17 years from second album like this one. Just holding it in my hands it thrills me how perfect it is. The colours of the cover art machtes the harmony of the music, the spiritual and mysterious aura is tangible here. Black Metal presented by Empire Of The Moon bow down to the most finest traditions of early days of Black Metal scene in Greece. So if you are into first records by Rotting Christ, Varathron or Necromantia then you'll be dying to get a copy of this material. The recognizable riffs in this record are just like a statement from Greek Black Metal bible, so characteristic for '90s times. There are no blasts or anything that you could place under the word 'hatred'. I can truely say that this music is art, it is not for every stupid drunk metalhead or kid who is just here to bang the head because it is so cool. 'Πανσέληνος' is an occult, spiritual, deathlike mysticism which is possessing your soul. The atmosphere created by keyboards is just outstanding, it will enchant the listener. Such a maturity and complex work is not a result of simple arrangements, no. This is what you can only get when you are in one hundred percent honest and this art is inside of you, is your part. Then the vocals which, if you are following the lyrics, are just like a ceremony, like ancient meditation. I think there is no need to waste words which will never decribe in this case the content of this record. Last days of the year 2014 was something unique and remarkable thanks to this album.