12 lip 2016

Eternal Solstice 'Remnants of Immortality'

Dark Descent Records

1. Remnants of Immortality
2. Ritual Prey
3. Walk in Darkness
4. Force Fed Suicide
5. Recipe for Death
6. Encroaching Horde
7. Bleed for Me
8. Extinction Debt
9. Subconscious Burial Ground

Eternal Solstice did reunion in 2010 and after 2 splits with Decrepitaph and Pentacle they recorded their fourth album 'Remnants of Immortality'. In the back times, around '90s when the first three albums were recorded, I remember they moved Death Metal Underground with their music. Of course it wasn't anything spectacular, the compositions weren't brilliant or deadly sharp, but it was kept in the fucking old school even for the years 1994-1997 when they did relese these. Same situation is here, their Death Metal is sort of just ok. I mean, you can happily listen to it for many times without getting bored, but this is nothing unique. And I guess it supposed to be this way, just a fucking rotted underground Death Metal with better sound and productions, but still the same way archaic as it was before with one major problem which I'll describe later on. What is more added to the compositions is a bit of melodic play by lead guitars especially when on the top there is solo guitar. This is the best part to check their avaibility with decent melodies. Most of the playing time, the arrangments are constructed the way we have simply a feast of rhythmical play. For example 'Encroaching Horde' is just filled with solos, melodies but with heavy rhythm guitars too. Maybe sometimes too melodic, it brings memories of a bit Gothenburg scene hehe. 'Remnants of Immortality' is mostly made with mid pace, so for those who expect furious Death Metal bombardment, just forget it. This cup of blood is really rotted in old days. Ok now it is time to uncover the unpleasent part, the vocals. These are very often doubled, so under the growling parts we hear in the background screams with the same lirics lines as growls. And it is so annoying for me, it ruined the whole album in my opinion. This is something I would suggest only to deaf to listen with joy, the screams are like bland food without seasoning. You still can eat it, but you know it was a waste of your money (only vocalwise). 
Anyway, it is a solid fourth album despite the vocals. Now we can do fuck all about it and simply just try to not listen to / avoid them somehow with your inner senses or fucking let go and not buy the album. I'm on the first option but the choice is yours.