6 lip 2016

Fornicus 'Storming Heaven'

Negative Earth Records

1. The Pledge
2. We Are Sin
3. Pallium Mali
4. King of the Egoists
5. Into Obscurity
6. Thirst for God
7. Antichrist (Sepultura cover)
8. Storming Heaven
9. The Beckoning

What a nice surprise. After looking at the front cover of this record I wasn't expecting such a hit in a face! Of course, cover isn't missing anything, we have here gates of heaven opening while demons are killing angels. The fact is that the cover art is colourful and somehow 'modern-way' done and the music is not that at all. The combination of Death & Black Metal is alive a lot here and it sounds so massive and evil. These four Americans are focused here at one thing and that is, come and kill in old school way. I feel like someone did throw into one bag Vomitory, Morbid Angel and Dissection. It may seem as a not easy combination to go through but the feeling and fucking power the album helds is absolutely beyond any discusion. Heavy guitars are storming from hell and seriously damaging in this war everything on their way. The riffs are mostly done in variations between melodics and faster rhythm machinery pace. When slowing down, it get a little of nostalgic but still angry mood - like watching your victim dying on your eyes when the venom is already working inside veins. I think that 'Storming Heaven' is very guitar work album. The emphasis on this instrument is well exposed and the even the rest is well heard the wall of riffage is still in first plan. Vocals are very good, sharp and filled with hate and at the same time the screamo tone of vocalist is so understandable, he is one of these vocalists who insanely bark and howl - the content of lyrics by these guys can be only guessed from booklets. In between their songs, they decided to place a cover of Sepultura 'Antichrist' and fucking hell! What a powerful realization! If you like old school albums, traditional versions of Black/Death Metal? Fornicus is the answer!

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