19 lip 2016

Goat Semen 'Ego Svm Satana'

Hells Headbangers Records

1. Letanías de Satán - Intro
2. Holocausto
3. Genocidio
4. Warfare Noise
5. Revelaciones
6. Altares de Pandemonium
7. Madre muerte
8. Hambre, peste, guerra y muerte
9. Ego Svm Satana

Splits, demo tapes, live recordings and finally after 15 years this Peruwian monster recorded a debut album which was released by the HHR. Fans worldwide expecting their heads to be smashed with the onward going machine of fucking war & blasphemy will be more then pleased. The intense of each song is overwhelming and I am feeling like someone took my head and start bashing it against the wall. This means this is amazingly good stuff then! Abnormal rhythm section that is blasting almost all the way through the record, growls & screams of vocalist are so evil, filled with hatred towards holiness & humanity, almost with fucking animal instinct. Also at the longest track lasting more then 10 minutes 'Hambre, Peste, Guerra y Muerte' the vocals are mad, possessed, totally depraved and is like hearing agony of mental person. It's so fascinating! Bestiality of Southern America scene and fucking hearing such devoted material made with fucking passion, honestly an honour to me to listen to. Black Metal combination with Death Metal of old days, simply astonishing killer stuff. Fuck preety sound, this is Hell! Massive riffs that destroy all your living will and hope for anything good at this planet Earth. Vocals that will rape your soul with the demolishing terror, it is like a nuclear tornado. Argh! My day today is done, Goat Semen will blaspheme couple of times more here.