10 lip 2016

Hädanfärd 'Vederstyggelsens uppväckelse part.II'

EP CD'14
Blut & Eisen Productions

1. Skoningslöshetens herre
2. Likåsakans urskallande helgedom
3. Lömskhetens illviliga upprinelse
4. Myrmarkernas dödsande
5. Predikarens svarta urafbild
6. Underjordens gastar
7. Formad af skuggsidans varelser
8. Svarthetens dunkla salar
9. Nidstrof

From Sweden, known already in certain circles of Black Metal, Sir N. delivers a vision of Black Metal which seems to differ a lot from what is around on the scene. I have to mention also about Sir N. - mastermind who is in plenty of other projects, also in a role of song-writting, which are active a lot last years and released still some sounds. Just to mention Grav, Acerbitas, Grifeskymfning or Svartrit... Anyway, Hädanfärd aims to Atmospheric Black Metal which is done mosty in traditional instruments. What needs to be said here is very raw, not distorted sound. The guitars have bearly any power in them, played like with any amps. From the other side, this is the biggest strenght and power at the same time here. This primitive sound (not primitive in old Darkthrone way) is like a wall that surrounds you and keeps you traped. Secondly, the leading guitar sound is almost close to accoustic, I really don't know how to describe it. It is the trance, mania of taking your thoughts away in sonic ritual of eerie forces. I think this is the opposite of everything you can achive in modern computer studios. Drums... no triggers, no power effects, simply natural as this instrument should sound! most of the record is kept in mid pace but there are few moments of fast blasting. It doesn't get into a noisy shit, well even on fast parts you can hear well drum kicks and snare drum at the same time. Few times we can hear violins and these parts are breathtaking ones, the atmosphere then arises to unique & grandiose soundscape. Even a bit melancholic or nostalgic. Then vocals are half in half Black Metal screams and clear voice declamations. Even these to differ from other records you already know. Declamations or spoken lines are done with emphasis on emotions, then these are also mixed with a bit hoarsed throat of Sir N. Screams are subdued, when appear they not dominate the rest of music. And all in all the atmosphere of death mysticism is present, is almost visualised by this sonic negativity covered with thick darkness.
Even it is an EP in the eyes of Sir N., it is more then 40 minutes of music. I can seriously recommend this for those who are into Swedish scene of Black Metal, the songs deliver a lot of dark melody parts exactly in this eerie form. Secondly to all those who are into serious and not bland Atmospheric Black Metal in it real outstanding form. Not for stupid mass, only to those who see and undrstand more.

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