23 lip 2016

Hetroertzen 'Ain Soph Aur'

Lamech Records

1. Dealing with the Veil
2. Blood Royale
3. The Lifting of the Veil
4. Endless Light
5. Carrying the Forbidden Flame
6. Spirit Eater
7. Procession of the Silver Fire
8. Enter the Unknown
9. Of Tomb and Thirst
10. The Luminous One
11. The Rose and the Cross
12. Piercing the Veil

Already know within last couple of years to wider audience, originally heading from Chile while now residing in Sweden, Hetroertzen is striking back with their 5th album. Now, I'm not into judging what certain band did in the past (even it is important to know), but the truth is that the begining of this act wasn't interesting at all. I had an opportunity to listen to second and third album and it was awfully boring. Since the 'Exaltation of Wisom' from 2010, sudenlly they changed like after a long coma. The style from very average Black Metal was changed to serious, dignified Occult Black Metal in which they found the source to channel the spiritualism and & dark energy of magic. Obviously when anyone will look inside the booklet of the cd will find many symbols refering to above written sentence, where Luciferianism and ancient Serpent Cult is more then evident. Now as for the music I am totally bewitched by variousity and complexity at the same time. It is even hard to focus where to start with description of this masterpiece. I think it is one of the best releases in the last year, not quite sure if any other record was quite shocking with its maturity and diversity. Quite amazing is the fact, that the vocals used here, which are some sort of clean screams with a bit harshness - like declamations but with big intensity of spiritual emotions. This is like pure emenation of blackness. More than this, at 'Ain Soph Aur' you'll find many instrumental parts with grim keyboards like old chapel organs, then at gently ambient aura in far you can hear female chanting with screams, invocations... Many, many elements to be said but better experience that for yourself. Guitar work is simply astonishing, with the different patterns at all the time, consturction of the riffs in absolute way, all together it makes it very sublime and sophisticated. Usually I get upset with the sound of drums we have here, but it seems that all depends how you are going to receive the final effect of the whole record. Suerly, the useage of triggers is here, all the modern details you can achieve is studio while producing the album are here. But as I said, it doesn't make here any difference for Hetroertzen to be deleted from seriousness. More, it makes the record sound more vividly and mature. Apart from outstanding music, at the same time I received amazing visual complex of the release. Extensive booklet with lyrics, drawings which also are creating and underlining the aura of 'Ain Soph Aur', pictures of this convent members with informations that I all needed. Indescriable work!