8 lip 2016

Kosa / Naburus 'Rydwany Śmierci / Martwy'

Okaleczenie Distro

1. Kosa - To jest mój czas
2. Kosa - Rydwan
3. Kosa - Gdy gasną gwiazdy
4. Naburus - Martwy I
5. Naburus - Martwy II
6. Naburus - Martwy Outro
7. Naburus - Beholding the daughters of the firmament (Burzum cover)

This CD split release was unleased between three Polish labels: Okaleczenie Ditro, Total War and Hell Is Here. I received my copy from Okaleczenie Distro and also I can tell you to drop an email to this guy, while he has some interesting titles to offer from a total Black Metal Underground. Anyway, here are my notes regarding this release. Btw. it was released in a very obscure way - just demo covers with track names plus logos of the three labels. No contacts, nothing - just the real Underground for total maniacs. 
It starts of with three tracks by Kosa, which can be translated as: 'This is my Time', 'Chariot' and 'When the Stars Fade'. What can be said in the first place that this material is the same as on the debut demo by Kosa. And too bad they didn't add anything new, not even a cover song. If someone had their CD-r demo before than I think he could feel a bit disappointment. Anyway, this is not so important as the music itself, but worth to mention. The sound is sharp, especially the guitar riffs are amazingly presented. These are not too complicated, easy to catch up with the melodic side. The bass is roaring in the background, which is great to hear. Such thing delivers more thrilling and for me it is like another dose of disgust added to the whole cup of blood. Also the sound is deep, I think it wasn't been way too much accelerated in the studio, it still sounds naturally. What has to be said here is the fact, it is not overdone, noone was trying to make it in a modern meaning 'too powerful', fuck it. Its raw, aggressive and deadly obscure as it should be. The tempo of the compositions is mainly mid-paced and Kosa is feeling well in that area, it adds more condemnation to the whole feeling. Of course there are some parts which are fast, but it is far away from non stop blasting. Also the vocals are not too typical as for Black Metal, screams with a bit growlish like tone. Maybe it gives a bit of blurry effect to it, but the whole outcome is listenable and I did enjoy these three songs a lot. Thrilling, disgusting and hatred.
Second band here is Naburus, which is also delivering their old EP with added third song 'Martwy Outro' and the cover of Burzum track. Martwy in Polish laguage means 'dead', so we have here some sort of combined by one idea / vision material about being dead or deadness. No clue while there are no lyrics there. Anyway, Naburus presents more raw Black Metal form which is also focused on mid-tempos with a some faster parts. Sound is more live, I think there were not much effects added in the studio while recording. Riffage is also put emphasis on melodies and these here are more varied. We have some straightforward going guitars which after some time are replaced with obscure, fog-like landscapes. 'Marwty II' also has a part with accoustic guitars and that was for me like being drowned in a turbid waters... Simply amazing atmosphere, so negative and spitting with revulsion. Last on this CD is a cover played by Naburus of Burzum track 'Beholding the daughters of the firmament'. Fukk.. It is not desperate, so fukking vein opening... It was recorded in reh room (judging by the sound) and maybe this gave such a boost to it? But yes, amazingly disgusting.
'Rydwany Śmierci / Martwy' is a split where you can certainly look for such values like disdain towards all modern world and its qualities, ugliness of human beings, hatred and death itself. This the Black Metal of old days, which should never have left the basements.

Naburus: setheroth@wp.pl
Okaleczenie Distro: slavicusfuror@interia.pl