2 lip 2016

Likferd 'Naar Skyggerne Tar Oss'


1. Djevelnatt
2. Inn i evighetens taake
3. Stemmer fra en aapen grav
4. Nattferd

Four track demo by Likferd from Norway is something I would never think I'm going to listen to nowadays. With its obvious tribiute to old records of Burzum, this solo project of Draugur, the music is going far more then just to be a blind copy of the masterpiece of 'Hvis Lyset Tat Oss' album of Norwegian from 1994. Even it is so close to this atmosphere, I mean like entrapped in this hazy inspiration of darkness but getting out from it at the same time, but bringing the newness and combining it with Burzum's patterns of ideal aura from the past. And both elements are fucking brilliant idea, even more - it is very natural and you can hear that this tracks are forwarded from evil mind of Draugur without trying to make it difficult of or complicated. Now enough with alegories, lets move to the music in straight words as it is. Likferd has created something I would simply describe as Atmospheric Black Metal. What is distinguishing here is the sound of the whole recording, it make you back to the times when there were not so many hordes and underground wasn't flooded with shit like sewage. Music is set to slow face Black Metal with some relishes as keyboards in the background strongly lining out the atmosphere. It's very dismal, gloomy and cheerless but not even close to depressive. The sound is like in the 90's which for me is huge advantage in 'Naar Skyggerne Tar Oss'. This secure the tone of authentic vibe which is here all the time, in every second of Likferd's music. Vocals are grim and somber, done in Norwegian laguage. This is enough for now, get this tape and listen to it judging by yourself.