21 lip 2016

Profanity Angel 'Acts of Desecration and Blasphemy'

Putrid Cult

1. Blasphomeus Proclamation of Doom
2. Black Dawn Witnesses
3. Domination
4. Profanation
5. The Grand March of Impurity
6. Sacrifice of the Self-Proclaimed Saviour

From Poland comes another debutant. Line-up unknown but I don't really care about it as long they will continue with music recordings like this demo. Death Black Metal done by these freaks is like a come back to the times where solid and devastating acts were playing such destruction. Unholy and with oozing stench of purid old cemetary, Profanity Angel delivers the blasphemies at the highest level, like letting in the genocide storm into the prison where the whole human race is traped. Do you need any music associations? Their music is churning with Black Witchery, Archgoat, Proclamation inspirations. Sound is dirty, guitar sound like a ton of coal and grids of sand, which is good while it will blow away in fear unwanted and random 'fans'. I like a lot vocals which were made with reverb effect, sounding very deep and formidable. What else? Well, just a demo lasting for 22 minutes but enough to get familiar with the idea and vision behind Profanity Angel. For fans of bestiality and blasphemous attack only!