7 lip 2016

Purtenance 'Awaken From Slumber'

Xtreem Records

1. Intro
2. Hatred
3. What Was Hidden
4. Toxic Death
5. Field of Terror
6. Vaikka paahtuisin tulessa
7. End for the Parasites (Called Humankind)
8. Hour of the Cannibal
9. Temptation of Suicide
10. Risen from Grave
11. Endless Abyss (Outro)

Fins are back with their second album after being split-up for 20 years. I haven't got the opportunity to hear the EP 'Sacrifice the King' that came out before this album. Anyway, what I can say for sure is that they made music more brutal sounding which isn't that much a problem nowadays with all these fance computers and effects in studios. But, to keep that sound also filthy and brutal at the same time is somthing that not each band can do. Yes, we have here very heavy, mind crushing sound of guitars with great work of exposed bass that is melting your every fucking cell. Both ways, they play fast or even with Doom parts, you simply want more! These 37 minutes are passing quickly by, but you know for sure that you didn't waste any of it. It is a rotten feast of old school Death Metal and you can be absolutely sure it is Finland playing right now. Simple vicious riffs, nasty drums and vocals! These are so low... alomst like gutturals but still growls mixed with screams are giving splendid effect of how beasty this is. Also the fine solo guitars, more like leading ones on top of slow riffs, arrrghhh! What a perfect theatre of early '90s Death Metal. So in other words, if you enjoyed their debut album from 1992 'Member Of Immortal Damnation', then their second album after 21 years is for you!