15 lip 2016

Rotten Age 'Zgnilizna Dziejów'

Werewolf Promotions/ Black Death Prod.

Side A
1. Zgnilizna dziejów  
2. Bloody Hunger  
3. Przeznaczenie  
4. Zaraza  
5. Hymn śmierci  
Side B
6. Bluźniercy  
7. Królestwo złudzeń  
8. The Last Breath of Rotten Age  
9. Hańba  
10. Kowadło nienawiści

Polish horde with their debut album. Not quite sure who did release their CD (or was it cd-r?) but I'm more than happy to have in my collection this tape. What we have here is 10 tracks (last two are re-recorded versions with new vocals and bass from their previous Promo material) of hateful Black Metal. Most the time we are under the bombardment of blasts and faster parts where the snare drum is a bit in front. But it is not the dominating instrument while the guitars and vocals were done in the same symbiosis. This is not about slowly crafting the mood here. It is only to go forward and destroy or abuse everything that is holy. Nothing new, same used patterns but somehow even this is a million time the same shit you've heard before, I fucking like it. Simple, straightforward going with a bit of pugnacity. Great sound, powerful screams and no prisioners taken. 50 minutes of war against christianity.