3 lip 2016

Triumvir Foul 'Triumvir Foul'

'Triumvir Foul' CD'15
Blood Harvest

1. Labyrinthine - The Blood Serpent Unwinds
2. Profanation (of the Wicked)
3. Pathways to Decay
4. Hedonistic Prayer - The Abhorrent Depths of Perversion
5. The Vomit of the Three Serpents (Ušumgallu, Bašmu, Mušmaḫḫū)
6. Endless Spiritual Violence
7. Banished to Silence and Slavery
8. Carnal Spectre
9. Tower of Bašmu - The Corruption of Flesh and Spirit

The entrance of the darkest abyss might finally exist in Oregon USA… The debut full length album of Triumvir Foul is the key to enter those depths. The band began their discography in 2014 with the demo ‘’An Oath Of Blood And Fire’’ but all the band members are experienced players playing in other bands such as Ash Borer, Dagger Lust, Urzeit and Cerebrate and more…
So let’s take a trip into the album…
Heavily distorted guitar sound, bass lines with an enormous tune, physical and solid drumming and a voice vomiting the lyrics from a cave full of corpses.
A total dark atmosphere that will embrace you and will give you the feeling of the cold stone graves and the smell of the soil of the cemetery. Listening the whole album and looking the artwork cover will give you the exact sense of the album, humid, cold and concrete passages leading to an unknown gloomy place !! This how a death metal album should be !!
If you like Teitanblood, Necrovore, Incantation and Grave Miasma this album is for you, all the elements of abyssal death metal exists  in this full length. The album is released in 2015 by Blood Harvest Recs from Sweden so you know what to expect…
The track Banished to silence and slavery is a personal  favorite for me, mid tempo double bass kicks and a furious sudden blast part will break your neck and leave you cold in an eerie atmosphere and after that the track Carnal Spectre begins with a threatening intro out from the darkest inhuman abyss and crushes your ears !!!
In my opinion this album is very underrated and it totally deserves more attention by everyone who is in love with Death Metal music… Buy the album and enter the depths of triumvir foul !!

Written by G.