22 lip 2016

Vulturine 'Tentáculos da Aberração'

Caverna Abismal Records

1. Born to Spread His Words
2. Devotion
3. Fanatismo & Obsessão
4. Death Tentacles Chaos and Spiritual Destruction
5. Tentáculos da Aberração (Negative. Music. Worldwide)
6. You Are Canceled
7. Highest Power (GG Allin cover)

This is the third album of this Brazilian trio. Apart from albums I counted ten other releases, so they keep themself busy. Vulturine is playing Black Metal and I guess some of you will just stop reading this review. Yes, it's true that their underground BM bands are so similar and so often so horrendously pathetic in copying each other. Clone after clone mixing blasting of first era of Marduk with a sound that came out from Norway. Repetitive and boring. But lets stop writting about them, Vulturine is way different then most hordes I had opportunity to listen to. Their misanthropic image with obligatory corpse-paint  is matching perfectly to what we hear from their compositions. 6 tracks on this cassette version album (GG Alin cover included) are longish but interesting. They have skill of going from a faster part to almost hypnotizing slower soundscape, it is done with such ease and without any special efforts, plain flow. And the music is changing then from Black Metal in its vile form to almost calm sounding music with slower guitars and keyboards making the aura a bit disturbing. The possessed vocals are keeping the songs in each moment sick and evil, while W. is making a lot of variety with his voice. Music is also maintaing different but the denominator is only one: Black Metal. Pace is from fast, but to be honest blasts are not popular in Vulturine, at least not the kind of blasts we are used to in this genre. Sound is aggressive but still clear. It helps to bring forward the solid madness which being exposed is drilling our heads insanely. All in all, a tape that for many of you is a must buy!

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