4 lip 2016

Witchmaster 'Antichristus Ex Utero'

Osmose Productions

1. Antichristus ex Utero
2. Fire Starts from the Mouth
3. Black Leather
4. Attack and Release
5. Master of Confusion
6. Caricature of Humanity
7. When Will It All End?
8. She Said Red
9. Demon of Obliteration
10. Black Goat Sacrifice
11. ...and It Burns

When I wrote this review it was already 5 years of waiting and I finally hold in my hands the fifth full-lenght album of Polish blasphemers Witchmaster. I think this is something it must be siad in the begining here, Witchmaster blongs to this circle of bands that they evolve with music with every single releases but still they play the same old shit which you fucking adore so much. With no worries or laster surprise I started to listen to it. Again, as it comes to all their albums there is either no disappointment here. 11 tracks to last a minute more then half an hour is enough to satisfy some of my hunger, sadly not fed sufficiently I am on the level of playing it all the time. Another day when I have a pile of new releases and tapes to be recorded but no, Witchmaster is keeping my busy. Anyway, what 'Antichristus Ex Utero' is serving is a nice voyage through all their inspirations where you'll find everything that is dirty, not pleasant, filthy, violent, obscure, boorish, not spohisticated at all and fucking Metal to the fucking bone! I don't really know what pussy won't at least like this album or previous ones, but in my opinion you're cunts and 'AEU' is at least to be said a solid album that burst with energy and hate. Blasting parts with a lot of chaotic solo guitars, plenty of mid pace when Witchmaster is showing their biggest abilities, riffage is a total explosion of catchy but yet harsh and sharp melodies, and of course beasty vocals of Bastis being accompanied with screams of Reyash and Kali! Of course the come back of Inferno behind the drumkit is also a big advantage. Bastek during 'Trucizna' did well, but this is fucking Inferno! For me it is an album I can listen all the time and even while walking around city I do remind myself some fragments of it in my head which is a good thing meaning it won't get lost between a flood of hundreds of thousand other recordings.