31 sie 2016

Xaos Oblivion 'Rituals From the Cold Grave'

Lower Silesian Stronghold

1. Funeral Trance
2. Cold Illumination
3. Cursed Legend
4. Burial Black Ceremony
5. Madness from the Tombs
6. Sorrow in Stone (Tuga na kamenu)

Xaos Oblivion strikes from Poland with their fifth album entiteled 'Rituals From the Cold Grave'. Beside his second album 'Desolation...', which is re-recorded and re-arranged version of the same from 2005 when the band was called just Oblivion, there were no demos and whatsoever other releases than full-lenght albums. The person hidden behind the name Xaos Oblivion was recording everything by his own until now, when Mścisław joined him on guitars. It can easily be told that the mastermind of this project, Xaos Oblivion is a misanthropic person who spend most of his time writting and recording music. Apart from the project I'm writting this review now, he is also the main composer in Demonic Slaughter, Xaosis, Temple Of The Mist, Sytris. He is also partcipating in Void Dweller, Aryman, Open Hell, Abusiveness... Quite impressive, huh? I think when you live as medium of the utter darkened sounds than your life absorbs this theme in 100% and fullfil it.
'Rituals From the Cold Grave' is a very cold album. Due to its raw production, yet selective, the minimalistic approach towards compositions and creating inhumane ghastly aura the goal has been reached. Thanks to the mastering in the studio the whole sound is very authentic and even as I said it raw then it also has a lot of space, it is not claustrophobic or stuffy. Even the tracks are done in the straightforward way, the biggest impact is laid here on the atmosphere. And it is done mostly with elementary instruments and grim vocals which I must say are one of the kind. I can't remind myself if I heard any other person using his voice with the method Xaos Oblivion is using. And even if I can't think of any such person now, fuck it, it is not obligatory to make comparison. It has a doze of grim dignity, something insane as well (especially in the opening track when in the begining you hear this obscure howls of agony!). Music is a pure Black Metal, mostly with blasting pace and mid tempos. The success is the repetitivness of patterns. The created monotony is almost like placing you in the cold grave, in the forgotten graveyard in the deep woods...
'Rituals From the Cold Grave', in my opinion, is not an album for everyone who is into Black Metal. This stands for most of the creations Xaos Oblivion is involved in as a main creator. It is made with misanthropic dose and should be kept and seen exactly this way. For those who understand and accept their visions in hunted curse called individualism.

30 sie 2016

Cerebral Extinction 'Inhuman Theory of Chaos'

Ghastly Music

1. The Fall of Civilization
2. Burned Breath 
3. Sutured Words
4. Alienation
5. Echoes Aenima
6. Cerebral Extinction
7. Artificial Stimulation
8. Digital Erase
9. Inhuman Theory of Chaos

Another newcomer in Brutal Death Metal scene. This time Italy and if someone is following carefully that scene, you must noticed that there are plenty of new names with outstanding quality Death Metal. Cerebral Extinction is one of them and let’s start from scratch. Nowadays, whenever it comes to DM or BM, its hard to create a cover art that would attract your attention for a longer time. More likely the situation looks this way - first time album in your hands you check, read and admire details and then when coming back to it, you do not care that much. Italians managed to be in the premiership league here - moulded and deformed bodies rising from walls are reaching for an element of chaos which is swirling above some unpleasent liquid in the ground. The idea and final effect demolished me!! Masterpiece! The music is not far away from the last written word. Technical and almost on the top speed all the time. Fuck, so many ideas! Riffs are simply outstanding - powerful and so much straightforward going. Yes, I do know it sounds strange because of their advanced technique, but - believe me - it is like mangler for your brain cells. Italians made also one very important thing, this is listenable a lot. It is not like in other materials that you have to take plenty of listenings to go throgh the record and then be able to say anything. No! It is like a plate with fine dish, took a lot of passion to create it and was easy to serve plus so joyable for the customer. At the end I will say few words about vocals which are very good, but sometimes too monotonous. In first I thought it would be nice to fit here some pig squeels or deeper gutturals. After many listening to this material I reconsider my first opinion, the vocals suits here perfectly fine. Another good thing is that the vocals aren't on top of the music / instruments. Thanks to this you can hear all what band has delivered with their ideas full of twisted sickness. Simply, a great piece of sickness.

29 sie 2016

Obscenity 'Retaliation'

Kolony Records

1. Claustrophobic Hell    
2. Embracing the Plague
3. Whore of Secret
4. Abandon All Hope
5. Ghastly Presence Haunting
6. The Day of Wrath
7. Deracination
8. Innate Depravity
9. Soul Eater
10. Ominous Determination

Germans started their Death Metal campaign in 1989 and yet without gaining any spectacular publicity they continue their path. This is their 9th album so far and I must say they didn't drop a bit of brutality and heaviness though their journey in music. When it comes to times that I need some quality Death Metal I always like to come back to their music. It is played in a classical way without tangle of technical show offs in riffage, Obscenity lead by Hendrik Burns since begining (now since 2011 Sascha Knust joins him again on drums while the rest of the crew are new members) can be easily called connoisseurs as it comes to Germans Death Metal scene. The more I bow to them, they keep the same form and with years and new recordings passing.
After very good album from 2012, 'Retaliation' is born. 10 tracks of intense Death Metal. Saying intense I do not refer to non stop blasting patterns, of course these are a part of this album but do not dominate throuhout recording. Compositions are divided into even slower parts but they meaty sound of guitars entirely replace the brutality of fast pace. For example 'The Day of Wrath' has plenty of mid-slower riffage but it is fucking massive. Second thing is that with such intensive tracks they managed to place solo guitars in the compositions without loosing even a few percentage of their profound of heaviness. I would descrive their Death Metal as a very rhythm driven machine, it will mangle without stopping your bodies and crush your bones. Very positive aspect of 'Retaliation' is that you can listen to it over and over again and the boredom isn't coming. With this album this is a debut in Death Metal scene for their new vocalist Tobias Mueller. And I really have to underline this and enhance his vocal abbilities, his growls are clows to perfect and yet you can understand the lyrics. These are no just grunts and gutturals so common used nowadays. He prefers old school Death Metal growl with deeper sound and to use screams on occasion. One more thing, the sound besides placing a big impact on guitars is also very selective. The bass line is exposed and you can catch its tunes easily which are more exposed due to drums patterns, especially double kicks.
To sum it up, great release which place these German veterans in the world league of Death Metal where they supposed to be since the begining. Death Metal, especially the one in the underground is not a fools rat race, so support them and get their releases when you can. 

26 sie 2016

Mork 'Den vandrende skygge'

HSP Productions

1. Skogens dyp    
2. I sluket av myra    
3. Den lukkede porten 
4. Hudbreiderens revir
5. Dod og begravet
6. Den vandrende skygge
7. Enden ligger ved berget
8. Morkent    
9. Ravnens natterike kaller
10. Invertert korsfestelse

'The Walking Shadow' as you may translate the title of second full-lenght album by Black Metal creation from Norway called Mork. I haven't got a chance to listen to the previous album or even any of the releases by Mork beside this album, so I can't judge if they made any progress or does anything changed in the music. I'll try to describe just what was recorded at 'Den vandrende skygge'. Black Metal done by these Norwegian (the second person behind Mork is a drummer Lucass who is Polish) is hard in one way to categorised buy also it isn't any revolutionary music in any meaning. I would say that it a mixture of traditional sounding Black Metal with dissonant atmospheric elements even with a bit of folkish touch. Apart from faster mid tempo parts which are somehow not really powerful while the emphasis is put yet again on the aura, there are slower parts with for example only one guitar playing the riff. I must say the album in the whole outcome is inhuman and misanthropic. The guitars riffage vary from aggressive parts to something like oniric or maybe nostalgic, which can be easily placed equal to sad. But with the harsh Black Metal vocal screams it is very misanthropic, almost despiting the other lifes. I think it would be perfect soundtrack when you are by yourself in deep woods walking there by yourself without any company. Often you got this confusion feeling during the listening, that the guitars with drums and vocals are well exposed and all in all it a Black Metal album, the music is like fuzzy and a bit blurry. I do not see this as disadvantage, no. More likely this is a very good example how created aura can take music understanding to the other level.
'Den vandrende skygge' will not make any shock in Black Metal scene for sure, but in my opinion it is solid album which can easily by a part of your collection. It has the elements that will both place you in the realm of inhumane disdain towards others and at the same time will strenghten your desire to be left alone. To wander and understand your true needs of the soul.

25 sie 2016

Amestigon 'Thier'


1. Demiurg
2. 358    
3. Thier
4. Hochpolung

After 5 years we finally can listen the follower of the debut album by Austria's Amestigon. If you are familiar with their discography and you are more into the first stuff they recorded, then this album will give you fucking heart attack. Why? Well, Amestigon decided to put an emphasis on the atmosphere which is bridged with slow pace melodies and almost a yearning. Their new ideas are very close to Doom Metal style, more mysterious and grinding your mood into soil once for all. Its like being torn apart, sitting empty and couldn't do anything. Fair enough while lyrics are mostly concerned around Occultism and drugs, still the main meaning is very solitary and maybe even depressing. Four tracks and each is more than 10 minutes long (the title track is close to 20 minutes), this should give you the picture of what the music in small percentage could be here. Even without reaching for the lyrics, you can feel the depth of metaphysical, transcendencial contexts brought straight through the music itself. The music is a refined mixture of Black and Doom elements done in a way you'll never forget and will be reaching with shaking hand of the addict for more and more and more... I'm totally mesmerized by the final effort, by the sound which is so sad it does devastate me in pieces. Amazing record! Even there are drugs subject involved, which I'm a total opposer (if you need take it and hope you'll overdose soon, you piece of shit), then it grabbed me in 100% and I can't have enough of this abstruse masterpiece. And I know this record is not for everyone, probably the followers of acts like Archgoat even being deeply involved in Black Metal scene, will find this abstract and maybe too weird? Don't care. 'Thier' is amazingly mature art.

24 sie 2016

Grafvitnir 'Semen Serpentis'

Carnal Records

1. Where Time Has Ceased to Be    
2. Descendants of the Serpent
3. Av ormens blod
4. Sword of the Damned
5. Poisonous Streams of Hraunn
6. Seed of Apep
7. Vilddjurets återkomst

Another band that was unknown to me before I put my hands on this cd. Sweden creature by the name of Grafvitnir recorded their second full-length album and I must say they did an excellent work. Due to the fact I didn't hear the previous one I can't say anything about the progress or regress they could have make. Secondly, the music and passion placed on this record is enough for me to judge them fairly on present condition. Music by these Swedes is a combination of what we know from Dissection albums with a touch of chaotic feeling, something more grim and appaling to what we could here in their inspiration horde. Each of the songs lasts more than 6 minutes so it is easily to imagine that these are not just simple enjoyable tracks, but the ones you have to focus on and dig out with your ear the quintessence of venomous constructions. The only exception is a song called 'Poisonous Streams of Hraunn' which lasts for about 2 minutes, but it is an accoustic pause between the intense Chaos crafted by Grafvintir. Also worth to mention is a fact that mostly their Black Metal could be even called as a melodic one due to the variety of riffage build on such structures. But in my opinion it would be harmful to the band, the source of aggression, evil and true malice which is so visualized in their music cannot just be described as 'melodic'. Furious drums which are essential in the background are propeling this apocalyptic visions engraved in music. And the last, vocals! Maybe it is not a discovery of decade, but his vocals are a mixture of typical Black Metal voice with some sort of possessed whispers. When you put all the elements together you'll get a promissing record which will keep you with listening to it for hours. 

23 sie 2016

Nocternity 'Harps of the Ancient Times'

Iron Bonehead Productions

Side A
1. The Black Gates    
2. Harps of the Ancient Temples
3. Titans
4. River of Woe
Side B
5. B.O.D.D.
6. Blood Rite Tree
7. Opaline Eye of Death
8. Andromeda

It has been 12 years since the last full-lenght album by Nocternity 'Onyx'. After the second album we have witness few EP's and splits been released and in 2007 there was even the EP with the same title as the this album. According to what Khal Drogo, the founder of Nocternity in 1997, said - it took him eight years to complete the music for 'Harps of the Ancient Times'. At the same time as it was stated by him, this work is nothing like 'Onyx' album at all. We have here very minimalistic approach towards Black Metal which is very dark, dilapidated in its hypnosis. Apart from the track 'Titans' (which was already recorded in 2012 for the EP called 'Nocternity'), most of the parts are slow pace Black Metal style pulsing drums and bass guitar. The masterpiece of what keep you still without almost breathing through the playing time is the guitar work. I am not sure how to describe it. As I mentioned above it is minimalistic but in its splendid ideas it creates such brilliant atmosphere. And yes, this is what the 'Harps of the Ancient Times' is all about - the aura. The multilayered riffage, even the sound is well produced but still harsh, building up almost drama-like soundscapes with its nostalgic monotonny but yet with giant dose of might. Sublimity that is felt in Nocternity's last creation is transfering me to these ancient times, where strenght and honour were the values we miss nowadays. I think my last feeling I just mentioned is not the one Khal Drogo was intending to adopt in his art, but this is the direction it also moved me. But who knows, maybe it was in purpose? Maybe it is eclosed somewhere in the sounds and I am correct. Besides this, the almost all time slow-pace is drowning me in the world full of murky mysteries, musty darkness and myths from the land after crossing the river of Acheron. Blood magic sky and land of death's command but in a gentle edition. 

22 sie 2016

Hic Iacet 'The Cosmic Trance Into The Void'

Necroshine Records
Iron Bonehead Records

1. The Cosmic Trance into the Void
2. Infinite Consciousness
3. Death in the Abyss of Meditation
4. Into the Bowels of the Absolute
5. Mahakala
6. The Catacombs of the Mandala

How deep can you go within your own meditation? Which corners of your soul you still don't know? Is it possible to go even deeper than the anguish caused by your own demons and find own hell so cruel that it is beyond any definition? And for the last, what would you do if you'll find one? Let me tell you something, I am so agitated by this record, the outcome is astonishing - the level of pure evil you can get from yourself and create such music can't be done just because it was planned or someone has such intentions. No, it must be part of you or you are completly overtaken by it. The line up for Spanish Hic Iacet is unknown which adds even more deathly aura. When I played this material for the first time I was speechless, it was so lethal I couldn't breathe properly, couldn't find words to what I was just exposed to. Vile sounding guitars - but yet clear enough to hear each riff - are throwing you on the ground, deep into the soil where within the dead in the void you can find your inner self. The one you didn't even know that exists and is so malicious and heinous, able to everything! Pounding drums... like incantations straight from the cosmic depths where everything is just a fucking void, bestial and silent! The most strongest point are the vocals, vicious roars from the abyss of your soul. Hic Iacet apart from making unique music with the atmosphere which cannot be found on other releases (similar to 13th Moon, Malthusian or Gnosis Of The Witch but it does differ with the intense deadly aura, is like breating the rotten air filled with stench of corpses) and when you mix the instruments with the touch of the mysticism of the mentioned meditation it gets very interesting. Highly suggested to be listened in a solitiude in the night... Cavernous and ghastly grim!

21 sie 2016

Gorelust 'We Are the Undead'

PRC Music

1. Lunacy Still Prevails...
2. Rape the Rapist
3. Entering the Kill Fest
4. There Is No God
5. We Are the Undead
6. Penetrating the Weak
7. City of the Cannibals
8. Decapitate the Holy Whore
9. Farewell to the Flesh
10. Wretched Life (Cervical Slot cover)

After splitting up in 1996, Canadian four sickos decided to form up again their sick band. Even before it is just second full-lenght album then the continiuation from the 'Reign of Lunacy' is kept, but is it in 100%? Let me explain that later. I saw couple of reviews of it around and many refer to Gorelust as Brutal Death Metal band. I'm not that certain about such term in this case. Fair enough, plenty of blasts and faster pace with riffs changing and drums which are fucking unbeliveable in its patterns and I had an image of this guy having two pairs of hands making all this done. Anyway, riffage is not kept in technical way, I would even say that it a bit simple for Death Metal itself. Many of fragments of compositions I heard remind of Malevolent Creation older albums with a modern touch. And this modern touch in particular worries me a lot. In one side we have deep growls, rhythmical heavy guitar with fine arranged drums to get with a while some annoying modern melodies in riffs which can be hardly placed for Death or Thrash Metal nowadays. Unless we are talking here about this young kids playing a comedy of Thrash while mixing it with core elements and jumping all around like fucking happy rabbits. Well, got thing is these unpleasent parts are not too many, most of all we have some old school Death Metal grabing a lot from American bands from Florida in early '90s. That's their fundament mixed with good sound and a bit with Thrash elements. The modern rest is not that easy comfortable for my ears. 

18 sie 2016

Macabre Omen 'Gods of War - At War'

Ván Records

1. I See, the Sea!
2. Gods of War - At War
3. Man of 300 Voices
4. Hellenes Do Not Fight like Heroes, Heroes Fight like Hellenes
5. From Son to Father
6. Rhodian Pride, Lindian Might
7. Alexandros - Ode A'
8. Alexandros - Ode B'

I was looking today through my collection to play something unique and I remind myself that 'Gods of War - At War' is somewhere at the pile of unsorted alphabetically (yet) cds. I put the cd in the player and as soon the sound of sea waves was heard I simply forgot about everything I supposed to do during this day. Anyway, Macabre Omen to those of you who don't know this amazing band, is a long time lead by Alexandros formation from Greece. I always thought there is something unique in Black Metal scene from this country, something that attached my attention more than other particular scenes from around the world. Macabre Omen is strongly inspired by bands like early Varathorn, early Rotting Christ, maybe a bit by Zemial, Nocternity's 'Onyx' and of course viking era by swedish Bathory. Combining all these in one is no nothing else that strong melodic Black Metal with bursting epic parts close to the feeling I would risk the word dramatic. The enthusiastic part of the possibility that I can listen to such sophisticated record is spreading inside me like a lethal disease when quickly each cell is being infected. And here is the paradoxal truth - it does not present anything new, unheard so the above mentioned sophistication is maybe too big word. But from the other hand the way the whole album is composed, how coherent it is, I have no doubt that I am listening to one of the best albums Greek scene has ever released.
Macabre Omen put a lot of emphasis on the melodics in their riffage and while the mid-tempos are pounding in the back like on the war-galleon, these is even more underlined by the keyboards. Don't think now, that Alexandros used some sort of cheap effort and made it an orchestral or so called symphonic stuff, fuck no! The keyboards are emerging in the times when you simply do not expect them and are done in a bit of subtle way. This instrument even it has a big impact on the final effect of the 'Gods of War - At War', is not taking charge here, is not suppressing the other instrumentation or the whole aura. In fact the subtile usage of it is more underlining the fact it is very Netal album in general, where guitars and drums with vocals have the priority. Also one of the biggest advantages this record has is the usage of accoustic guitars which I fucking love! These when used in proper way are simply orgasmic in Black or Death Metal! So it is here, the few parts are so good, so memorable...! Alexandros knows how to use his voice. From tragic almost like nostalgic screams he is moving onto clear vocals or even few times to deep growls. This album is so, so fucking close to a perfection!!!
10 years we had to wait for the second album after 'The Ancient Returns', but what we were delivered is mind trembling, soul paralyzing music. Amazing, uncanny and monumental work!

17 sie 2016

Kalmankantaja 'Viimeinen Virsi'


1. Elämä, kuolemantuoja
2. Musta mieli
3. Viimeinen virsi
4. Ikiuni

This is the fourth full-lenght album in 2014 recorded by this Fins. Yes, you understood well - four albums in the same year! This sounds crazy and it may seem to be lacking the quality because of so many releases in so close period of time. I'm not sure about the other three albums but the one I got is keeping me in place where I have to say that their music is very good. And what precisely we have here? Music full of emotions, atmosphere of lost and hopelessness. Yes, Depressive Black Metal. Long three songs around 9 to 12 minutes and one almost 4 minutes long. Anyway the only problem I have with such bands, when they pass their test for not being pathetic while crying of after loosing their girlfriends or other immature stupidity, is the music itself which can be so monotonous I could be put to sleep after 10 minutes. Fortuntelly, Kalmankantaja isn't like that. The atmosphere here is dominated with sadness, loosing life with apathic attitiude and this deep sorrowful feeling of nesessary isolation. But it is not going even close to be boring. Very well arranged tracks, repetitive riffs which are slowly with own pace going on and on, the depressive aura is flowing on the silent surface of this music. The Black Metal screams are making it more dramatic and real. Also the closing track done with unplugged guitars... is really carrying the huge amount of sorrow. I think, it is a great album to rest a bit from bestial and primitive bombardment I'm listening everyday. Well, if you need something more calm but still filled with negativity, then Kalmankantaja is for you.

16 sie 2016

Patronymicon 'All Daggers Towards The Sky'

Carnal Records

1. Balamuthia Mandrillaris
2. World Closure
3. Fortifications Failed
4. The Great Pestilence
5. Mourning Cold
6. Unleash Hells Fire
7. Age of Contamination

This Black Metal horde is hailing from Sweden and it is their second album. Again, I didn't have a chance to listen to their debut album so I will simply focus of what the band is presenting nowadays. Anyway, the album starts with some preludium noises to transform into monotonous slow guitar just to explode with fury in second track. BM by Patronymicon is mostly based on fast and mid-fast pace but it is not a copy taken from 'big names'. In fact, their music is a mixture of Swedish '90s style with a bit of Death Metal riffage bursting out in the middle of structures of songs. Which isn't so much of surprice for my while members are playing in bands like Sorcery or Sordid Flesh, old school DM bands. 'A Daggers Towards The Sky' is a short album lasting for about 30 minutes with 7 tracks (one of it is an intro) which give us a shortage of the experience with their music. In other words when album ends you still wants more. Solid sound is also an advantage, harsh guitars but recorded in a way you can get every little sound in a flash. Which is good, becuase their Black Metal will loose a lot when it would be done in a manner of ceiling recording. Blasting drums are also amazingly good, the parts are not boring and the same all the time - plenty of changes on double kick, toms. Powerful and beastly vocals combined with the rest of instruments do create an perfect atmosphere of fucking death, burning flames in the night and apocalyptic view towards the fucking human race. Very solid album which should be a part of your collection.

15 sie 2016

Archgoat 'The Apocalyptic Triumphator'

Debemur Morti Productions

1. Intro (Left Hand Path)
2. Nuns, Cunts & Darkness
3. The Apocalyptic Triumphator
4. Phallic Desecrator of Sacred Gates    
5. Grand Luciferian Theophany
6. Those Below (Who Dwell in Hell)
7. Intro (Right Hand Path)
8. Congregation of Circumcised
9. Sado-Magical Portal
10. Light of Phosphorus
11. Profanator of the 1st Commandment
12. Funeral Pyre of Trinity

After 5 years of waiting since their last full-lenght album Fins are executing their new assault. Of course since 2009 we had a couple of split releases and great EP which reminded us in 2011 who is still sitting on the throne of bestial Death/Black Metal in Finland and maybe more than just there. 'The Apocalyptic Triumphator' is divided on two parts (sides of vinyl): Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path - each begins with an intro. As for the second intro you can hear an excerpt from christian's mass with a sheep singing with its animal voice along with fasle believers 'aaaamen' hehe. But before I will move forward to the music content there is another thing must be mentioned and I'm talking about great cover art. Mr. Moyen did a splednind job, especially the fact when you're looking at it, the concept of it fits perfectly to idea what Archgoat is all about. I will take a chance and say that even without a logo on front cover you'll be able to say you're dealing with Archgoat album. Music wise they didn't change, it is a merit in my opinion. What we have here is 12 tracks of the best way this Diabolical trio executed so far. Maybe less chaotic, more advanced and way forward with gloomy sadistic atmosphere, but recorded with more sound space. As in previous releases from time to time when there where blasting parts all you could hear was a wall of sound and nowadays Archgoat presents a front-line of well selected instruments, where even with the most extreme and harsh parts you can easily hear all the riffs and drum patterns. Plenty of fast bestial parts but also there are moments/ hymns with slower pace which gives the record a balance between total savagery and grim inhuman aura. On the top of everything Lord Angelslayer with his vocals... So much hatred and unholy devotion you can only get! And with these words I'll finish this short description.

12 sie 2016

Goatblood 'Adoration of Blasphemy and War'

Dunkelheit Produktionen

1. Appearance of the Goatlord
2. Sado Liquidator
3. Animal Anal Acrobatic
4. Arkoholocausted
5. Eve Pisses on Adam    
6. Deluge in Heaven
7. Bombing Blood
8. Necromorph Application Point
9. Human Waste Disposal
10. Trident Worship
11. OP Vulva
12. Ascension to the South
13. Fisting Mary. Amen.
14. Trumpets of Baphomet
15. La Chisea della Capra

If you had a chance to listen to the previous demos of this German duo then you probably were aware how low-fi these were recorded. Bad production which was I think in purpose there was some kind of advantage of these tapes, giving the fucking hype and feeling of total blasphemous goatmass. Well, here Goatblood with their debut full-lenght album decided to place some more emphasis on the guitar sound, which of course isn't nice and clear, shredding the guts with their primitive mixture of Death/ Black Metal. 15 songs which are very short, mostly containing to few riffs at most with cruel solos, are passing quickly and even in my mind I know it was played thousands of times before, I do enjoy every track here. It is primitive, primordial, devastating and most of all cross crushing! Fast blasting hideous war machine with some doomish part around the whole material. A must to have and during listening you shall become possessed with this ritualistic bestiality! I know nowadays there are plenty of new bands wearing gas masks and chains with 'goat' in their name, but not each one has such potential - no matter how odd this sounds in their case. No less to say, this music is done for die-hard maniacs who are still into analog music (even if this version is CD), who still don't have enough of one Conqueror or Blasphemy and need more such grinding perverted music to satisfy their fucked up taste. I'm more than proud to be among these fuckers!


11 sie 2016

Sarinvomit 'Baphopanzers of the Demonical Brigade'

Seven Gates of Hell

1. Swallowed by Perdition Holes
2. Impious Torment by Neurotoxic Injection
3. Pandemonic Radiation Descends
4. Spreading VX Gas over Kaaba
5. Baphopanzers of the Demoniacal Brigade
6. Penetration of Infernal Phosgene

The murderers from Godslaying Hellblast returned & formed this piece of disease. Sarinvomit is like a new invented bacteria by cruel human mind which desires only death upon mankind. This is how in one sentence I can sum up this album, showing how fucking evil this record is. Starting from the title which is finely presented by mr Moyen, it is a pure masterpiece of how this cover was done. More shocking is the idea! We have here something that I didn't see yet at any cover before - the Devil himself being half just the creature of flesh and bones proudlt handling the banner with the pentagram with knife in other hand, but... the second part of Him is like he is transformed into the tank itself! Half Devil / half infernal tank! All around just dead bodies, sceletons, ruins of some sort of chapel (I'm guessing) and fullmoon above it all. Music... well, if someone is familiar with Godslaying Hellblast then it is more than obvious that you can't be bored with these fuckers. Bestial War Black / Death Metal to the maximum!!! Very good sound which is selective, cruel and doesn't sound like some basement recording. Secondly it is not so much suppressed, the space (of course do not expect shit like with space wide clear sound like mainstream clowns) of sound is wide, each instrument has its place and it is not hidden behind other. Still, when you put this all toghether it is massive wall of sound - bestial, merciless & savage! Guitars and drums are like one living organism, whenever there are blasts or a bit of slow downs guitars are the same, no room and time for fucking prisioners! Vocals - bestial barks, growls, screams, insanly possessed with urge to kill and desecrate everything that has even a little spot of holy values. At the end I just want to recommand this record to everyone who is into Revenge, Conqueror or Proclamation hordes.


10 sie 2016

Corpus Mortale 'Fleshcraft'

Deepsend Records

1. Weakest of the Weak
2. The Unwashed Horde
3. A Murderous Creed
4. Scorn of the Earth
5. Love Lies Bleeding
6. Enthralled
7. Feasting upon Souls
8. Crafted in Flesh
9. Tempt Not the Knife
10. Seize the Moment of Murder

2013 was a year when this Denmark kommando is celebrating 20th anniversary of being still in combat & still well and alive. This is the fourth album so far. It is not that many for such long existence, but very good in quality and remarkable plesant to listen. Of course if you like Death Metal. I can't exactly name their style with a tag of Brutal because for me they do represent in particular a traditional version of this music. A lot of elements that can be said were used in the past by American bands, but also these from Europe excluding Sweden. Slower parts with riffs having endings with accoustic parts, a bit of keyboards to make it more horrific. Many of the tempos are blasting ones, but you can clearly hear the spirit of older days here. Maybe it is not that chaotic or primordial, but it is hidden for you. Deep growls by Martin with big charisma are a monument for this album. Without his voice or if someone could take his place this album could quickly become not interesting and boring, it could loose the heaviness, the burden of feral bestiality. The machinery of Death Metal here is so consolidated that each instrument cannot exist or be changed without another. It is like a jigsaw puzzle, when one element is missing you have an incomplete shit. Corpus Mortale is doing fucking fine, and it is complete the way they are now.

9 sie 2016

Katavasia 'Sacrilegious Testament'

Floga Records

1. Cosmic Nightmare
2. Symphony des gravens
3. Adoration of Darkness
4. Eosforou katavasis
5. Visions of the Misty Night
6. Order of Dogblood
7. Mater tenebrarum
8. Virgin Blood
9. The Chariot of Emperor

From couple well known bands from Greece, mostly the vocalist Necroabyssious from Varathorn, comes the new act called Katavasia. As it is expected it won't be disappointment at all while these five veterans simply are hailing the best early traditions of Black Metal scene in Greece. Moody atmosphere, groovy and catchy riffs with simple melodies plus Mediterranean melodies. All this with majestic voice by Necroabyssious and typical sound for Greece BM records is establishing the aura of the mysterious. I can't say other words that I do find really enjoyable 'Sacrilegious Testament', it reminds me of times when I discovered bands like Varathorn, Necromantia or early Rotting Christ. These were the filars, roots, fundaments of this scene. They have created the basic of what it is nowadays, when you're saying Hellenic Black Metal and already in your thoughts you find the main patterns of what it is. The music enclosed on Katavasia debut album is mid paced with slower parts, beautiful dark-romantic melodies creating the feeling of lost and nostalgia to past days. From other hand it is a strong statement which combined with lyrical concept is taking you to the dark rituals, sacrifices and tenebrous beings being summoned from the other side. The effect of majesty, of dignity and strong nostalgia is crafted well by keyboards which emerge here from time to time just to underline those feelings. Floga records after releasing Empire Of The Moon, now is handling this gem to us. If this is going to continue this way - I can't wait their next discoveries.

8 sie 2016

Front Beast 'Out of the Crypts'

demo tape'15
Into Dungeons Records

1. Dawn of Azrael (Intro)
2. Candlelights
3. Into the Crypts
4. Cursed Lake
5. Antichrist Warfare
6. Past Midnight They Arrive
7. Black Spells of the Damned

Countless releses by Front Beast since 1999, this is what I got used by this one-man project. Another demo came out and simply I wanted to have it in my collection. After the second album 'Demon Ways of Sorcery' that I have in CD version, the style got a little bit changed but what we hear here is still this archaic Black'n'Roll. I don't mind it at all since it is fucking awesome shit! Even the tracks are simply some various songs from different releases. It is like to put in one jar the riffs of Iron Maiden, a bit of Motorhead and Black Metal dirty feeling. So all in all we have here Heavy Black Metal feast. The demo is mainly concerned around the riffage, where you can hear nothing else but old times of glory of Heavy Metal with this nice strong filth delivered by Black Metal screams and dirty sloppy sound where you hear some misteakes during the tracks. But hey, who fucking cares?! It’s like listening to Midnight but more with cryptic and alcoholic feeling. One must be said as it comes to this demo: Avanger has the credit for the aura of 'Out of the Crypts', there is no escape from the evil he had created here. It is so catchy, but on the other side very cruel and sinister in the final outcome. You can feel the eyes of different creatures and predators watching you from depths below while you're listening to this great demo. Yeah, let me play this tape once more while I do enjoy it a lot!

7 sie 2016

Chaosbaphomet 'Promethean Black Flame'

Deathrune Records

1. Chaosgenesis
2. Fire of the Titans
3. Dynasty of Typhon
4. To Eos
5. Blood of Hydra
6. Nightside Realm
7. Spiritforms of the Psychomancer (Necromantia cover)

Hailing from Greece and led since the begining by the mastermind of Empire Of The Moon Mr. Ravenlord Wampyri Draconium, Chaosbaphomet had just released their first full-lenght album. It took them 15 years but it was worth to wait. Chaosbaphomet was joined by Unholy Archangel and one time Kawir vocalist, Iapetos and this duo brought forward amazing album. He was also joined by other inviduals to expand the vocals variety and they are Gothmog (Thou Art Lord) and Acherontas - vocals in 'Blood of Hydra' and Ouroboros (Empire Of The Moon) - vocals in 'Fire of the Titans'. 
Album starts of with ambient, ritualistic introduction which gives the setlement with the direction of what the lyrical themes will bring you throughout the whole 'Promethean Black Flame'. Chaosbaphomet widely opens the gates to its realm and invites you to the world of Ancient Gods. Greece had always have a huge variety of great bands delivering a quality Black Metal. In case of the one I'm just writing about there is no exception. I would say that it can be divided into two parts which are gathered in each song, combined into one. First is the bursting, blasting Black Metal with sharp guitar riffs which are invading most of the album during its playtime. The intense knock, like a natural disaster - pure, wrathful and so damaging in its consequences. Second part is the occult vision, the mysterious sounding ambience, accoustic guitars and orchestration. This procedure is not taking place too often during the whole time of 'Promethean Black Flame', but it emerges in such moments of album that it is not nessessary to make it more present. These moments are simply enough to be so overwhelming and real. As we speak about the structures of the tracks, I must add one thing. Listening to this album won't make you at any moemnt doubt it is Hellenic Black Metal. The sound has been risen up to the nowadays level, there is no dirt in it but somehow this clean sonic landscape indulge to catch everything Chaosbaphomet served. At the end we have a cover of Necromantia song and it is a felicitous way to end this release.
In my eyes a total success if I can use this word without any negative traces in the meaning. It is ambitious, absorbing, unique album. The only thing I'm counting on is that I don't have to wait another 15 years for the next full-lenght album by Chaosbaphomet.

6 sie 2016

Silva Nigra 'Světlonoš'

Seven Gates Of Hell

1. Zrada odjinud
2. Nekonečný cyklus obrody
3. Demiurgus
4. Od počátku ztraceno
5. Nibius
6. Infernální sabat transcendence
7. Spasen nenávistí

Formed in 1996 in Czech Republic, Silva Nigra have just released their seventh full-lenght album. Obviously it is impossible to stick in the same sub-genre, eating your own tail, also Czech horde made some changes in their style during the years. Progressing from very typical cold raw Black Metal to what they are today, in the point where apart all the past elements of their music are still present but just in a bit different form. The new face, which let me underline this once more, didn't come out of nowhere. It is less archaic and more mysterious, more advanced. These seven hymns we have on 'Světlonoš' are mature compositions which are the result of consideration but also are strongly rotted in neverending passion. This is the one element which is just grabbing your throat while listening to this album, its authenticity. Silva Nigra put an emphasis on the dynamics of their new creation and it can be heard easily in the new sound. It is more clear, more I would say 'mainstreamish', but it helps a lot to catch out all the details of their new work plus mentioned above dynamics. The mysterious elements are existing through the keyboards backgrounds or even one instrumental track 'Nibius'. It takes the whole music to different dimension, even the presence of this instrument is rare. Music is bound up in the hypnotical guitars work, the riffage is simple breath-taking. Simple, but so damn astonishing to my ears. Not many releases in Black Metal genre can be so expressive and still be chained to the old Black Metal days. Also the patterns of guitars that often go to duality playing each lines are like a bonus cup of blood for me. Thrilling, simple in idea but so well executed. On the top of it the battery which in first was way too much overdone in recording studio, you know triggers everywhere - snare drum, kicks, toms. But than after many listenings I just got used to it and the fog has cleared, it fits well here. As for vocals, the dominating one is a Black Metal scream but I also noticed (which suprised me) female vocals in the background in 'Od počátku ztraceno'. 
I think 'Světlonoš' is close to perfection. And even it is nothing new, nothing that is going to make new standards, I'm just can't stop listening to it. Fascinating in its form and realization. While today many hordes are trying to be innovative (some do it even well) and I can't deny those attempts, Silva Nigra shown how to progress within the original Black Metal roots without drastic changes.

5 sie 2016

Genocide Shrines 'Devanation Monumentemples'

Cyclopean Eye Productions

1. Pillars I (Entrance)
2. Devanation Monumentemples
3. Apparitions of Spiritual Obliteration
4. Pillar II (Submission)
5. Shivatandaviolence (Cleansiege)
6. Nectars of Tantric Murder
7. Pillar III (Discipline)

Another example how you shouldn't be judging a band because of its origin. When you hear country name Sri Lanka, what's are your first thoughts in your head? Small island in South Asia fragmented by tsunami in 2004, nowadays political warfare. It is almost a vivid, perfect ground to plant such evil and hatred seeds to become the result of blasphemous vomits which are dripping heavily from our speakers. This Ep is divided through parts which here are Pillar I, II and III sounding full in devotion invocations which invoke Shiva and its destructive nature. Also is kind of simliar to what is making Necros Christos with their interludes. Since Genocide Shrines come from Sri Lanka, we have much more exotic taste of the incantations and maybe even more authentic due to their origin (of course NC interludes are not at all fake, it is not what I'm saying here!). Four tracks with proper instruments are bestial and spawned in fucking blasphemy. Raging furiously are raping your ears with spiritual, tantric genoicde. Razor sharp cuts done by riffs, the finest tradition of Black/Death Metal cruelty and devastation. From fast to slow paces, every second of these four hymns to sonic destruction are simply overtaking the listener. Atrociuos bass lines, demonical vocals and sadistic guitars cutting your senses with war savagery. Genocide Shrines can be easily placed in the same league with bands like Archgoat, Teitanblood, Proclamation or Pseudogod. I am aware of that it is an EP (and the fact they have newer releases) but it is so short and I want more than only 20 minutes. Damn!

4 sie 2016

Insane Vesper 'Therefore, He Shall Consume'

Nihilward Productions

1. Life Devourer
2. Cult of Darkness
3. Impious Ceremonies
4. The Black Radiance
5. Bloodsoiled Majesty
6. Ravaging Elysion's Fields
7. Enlightened by Blood
8. Outro
9. Untitled

After well executed debut full'lenght album in 2011 called 'Abomination of Death', French legion has spawned a compilation release divided into two parts. The recording sessions which are the parts here took place in May 2009 (tracks 1-4) and Novemeber 2008 (tracks 5-8). The closing untitled tracks nr 9 is the cover of Sweden's Malign and their track 'Etering Timeless Halls'. Mostly all the tracks are re-recorded versions of songs which already appeared on theirs various Eps, album or split apart from the opening 'Life Devourer' (unless I didn't spotted that well). Yes, it might sound like a shitty game especially for underground horde to release over and over again their previous tracks, but let me tell you something. If you didn't have in your collection their entire discography and you're not a die hard maniac of theirs, than I think it is good move to have such CD. 
Let me start with the fact that even if it is divided into two parts, it does not vary much in the sound production. In both parts we deal with eerie, primitive energy summoned with their sonic blasphemy. The sound is cryptic clear -> I feel like in a dark entrance to cave washed with thick fog and while entering the madness of the rite is taking away your sanity. Black Metal played by Insane Vesper is intense, cruel and radiating with vile blackness. It may be close to chaotic but no, very coverent material. Even the parts where from fast furious blasting it is going to mid pace, the insanity is almost lurking from behind your shoulder. Complexed guitar work within its primitive and essential way for such genre, the battery is unmerciful - no matter if this is mid tempo; still you feel the overwhelming aggression. And vocals, Black Metal screems meet in lets say 30% Death Metal growlish parts -> mix it together and this hybrid is right on its place causing a blind amuck. The fulfillement of these words is the last track, the mentioned before cover of Malign. Even someone didn't know swedish horde before, will check them out for sure, as these veterans are Their tongue.
There is also second album of Insane Vesper avaiable, recorded just this 2016 year, and be sure that sooner or later you find this review here too. Now, support this act and buy it!

3 sie 2016

Ascension 'The Dead of the World'

World Terror Committee

1. The Silence of Abel
2. Death's Golden Temple
3. Black Ember
4. Unlocking Tiamat
5. Deathless Light
6. The Dark Tomb Shines
7. Mortui Mundi

Second album by German Ascension brings a fine and well produced Orthodox Black Metal. More likely comparing it to previous album the elements of fast pace had disappear in about 75% to fullfil it with hypnotic, crawling transcendental possession. With only two tracks that are 5 minutes lenght, the other five are longish and are dragging you into the dark world of mastery. The level of religious hypnosis is all the way through present, it is clear that Ascension belongs to the circle of Lord's servants. It is like watching diminishing light and all symbols close to holiness have fallen, chaotic messages to lose listener's mind, the agony of subconsciousness where you led by devotion and rottenness of your flesh temple. I can say with my honest that this material is very deep according to the hidden knowledge and also by the music itself. Of course you can find some resemblances with Swedish Watain, but I'm certain that Ascension's music is not commercial circus as the one led by mr. Erik nowadays. Guitars are done at 'The Dead of the World' most of time in the way that we have one playing in the background main riff and second one is attending to flow with the melodical pattern in front leading the track. Also worth to mention nicly done solo guitars, another proof that Germans know how to use the instruments. Next one is excellent work of drummer, plenty of individualism in his role with rightly judged parts. Bass guitar has great importance here as it is not only for the dynamical sound but it has its own parts, riffs which are not just following drums or guitar structures. Maybe the vocals could be more developed as there are not too many changes in the intonations of his voice. Nevertheless I'm sure many will find it as a very interesting album, as in fact it really is.

2 sie 2016

Wormreich 'Wormcult Revelations'

Wormreich 'Wormcult Revelations' Ep CD'14
Moribund Records

1. Revelation I: Vox in Rama
2. Revelation II: Serpents of Choronzon
3. Shaare-Maveth
4. Revelation III: Devotion's Final War
5. Revelation IV: Enim Satanas Meum Sanguinem
6. Codex Luciferivm
7. Malign Paradigm (Deathspell Omega cover)

From USA with their second release ever is coming Orthodox Black Metal creation called Wormreich. First track with guitars, marching pace snare drum and vocals of tormented and possessed make it started. First of all I was kind of lean backwards to it hearing this nice sound of guitars and drums being totally corrected in studio during recording session. I would expect something more alive within the chaos they are trying to invoke or create. Second track and the rest left me without doubts. Mixture of Deathspell Omega (their cover is the last track on this EP) with affectation known from latest albums from Watain or even Mayhem. It is so easy to spot how long the creation process was, how much they worked on each stupid detail & as an effect we have boring, badly executed Black Metal created for the joy of teenagers. It is like the image, the form is way above of content. Keyboards... used in interludes or during the songs is making me willing to go to my couch and have a afternoon nap. (which was kind of shocking to me while two memebers of Blood Stained Dusk, band I totally respect, are involved in Wormreich). If this has something to do with spiritualism or should interest me with mysteries... Well, making a cup of coffee in more mysterious than this. The structures of songs are not the worse, even ok but these are missing some fundamental aspects of making it authentic. Boring and one more time boring. The brightest point here is the cover of Deathspell Omega, but even in here I find it just ok. The mysteriousness and mania with the incredible atmospehere from this outstanding French creation is simply lost, I miss the metaphysical aspects of their original tracks. Ok, got enough of it.