25 sie 2016

Amestigon 'Thier'


1. Demiurg
2. 358    
3. Thier
4. Hochpolung

After 5 years we finally can listen the follower of the debut album by Austria's Amestigon. If you are familiar with their discography and you are more into the first stuff they recorded, then this album will give you fucking heart attack. Why? Well, Amestigon decided to put an emphasis on the atmosphere which is bridged with slow pace melodies and almost a yearning. Their new ideas are very close to Doom Metal style, more mysterious and grinding your mood into soil once for all. Its like being torn apart, sitting empty and couldn't do anything. Fair enough while lyrics are mostly concerned around Occultism and drugs, still the main meaning is very solitary and maybe even depressing. Four tracks and each is more than 10 minutes long (the title track is close to 20 minutes), this should give you the picture of what the music in small percentage could be here. Even without reaching for the lyrics, you can feel the depth of metaphysical, transcendencial contexts brought straight through the music itself. The music is a refined mixture of Black and Doom elements done in a way you'll never forget and will be reaching with shaking hand of the addict for more and more and more... I'm totally mesmerized by the final effort, by the sound which is so sad it does devastate me in pieces. Amazing record! Even there are drugs subject involved, which I'm a total opposer (if you need take it and hope you'll overdose soon, you piece of shit), then it grabbed me in 100% and I can't have enough of this abstruse masterpiece. And I know this record is not for everyone, probably the followers of acts like Archgoat even being deeply involved in Black Metal scene, will find this abstract and maybe too weird? Don't care. 'Thier' is amazingly mature art.