3 sie 2016

Ascension 'The Dead of the World'

World Terror Committee

1. The Silence of Abel
2. Death's Golden Temple
3. Black Ember
4. Unlocking Tiamat
5. Deathless Light
6. The Dark Tomb Shines
7. Mortui Mundi

Second album by German Ascension brings a fine and well produced Orthodox Black Metal. More likely comparing it to previous album the elements of fast pace had disappear in about 75% to fullfil it with hypnotic, crawling transcendental possession. With only two tracks that are 5 minutes lenght, the other five are longish and are dragging you into the dark world of mastery. The level of religious hypnosis is all the way through present, it is clear that Ascension belongs to the circle of Lord's servants. It is like watching diminishing light and all symbols close to holiness have fallen, chaotic messages to lose listener's mind, the agony of subconsciousness where you led by devotion and rottenness of your flesh temple. I can say with my honest that this material is very deep according to the hidden knowledge and also by the music itself. Of course you can find some resemblances with Swedish Watain, but I'm certain that Ascension's music is not commercial circus as the one led by mr. Erik nowadays. Guitars are done at 'The Dead of the World' most of time in the way that we have one playing in the background main riff and second one is attending to flow with the melodical pattern in front leading the track. Also worth to mention nicly done solo guitars, another proof that Germans know how to use the instruments. Next one is excellent work of drummer, plenty of individualism in his role with rightly judged parts. Bass guitar has great importance here as it is not only for the dynamical sound but it has its own parts, riffs which are not just following drums or guitar structures. Maybe the vocals could be more developed as there are not too many changes in the intonations of his voice. Nevertheless I'm sure many will find it as a very interesting album, as in fact it really is.