30 sie 2016

Cerebral Extinction 'Inhuman Theory of Chaos'

Ghastly Music

1. The Fall of Civilization
2. Burned Breath 
3. Sutured Words
4. Alienation
5. Echoes Aenima
6. Cerebral Extinction
7. Artificial Stimulation
8. Digital Erase
9. Inhuman Theory of Chaos

Another newcomer in Brutal Death Metal scene. This time Italy and if someone is following carefully that scene, you must noticed that there are plenty of new names with outstanding quality Death Metal. Cerebral Extinction is one of them and let’s start from scratch. Nowadays, whenever it comes to DM or BM, its hard to create a cover art that would attract your attention for a longer time. More likely the situation looks this way - first time album in your hands you check, read and admire details and then when coming back to it, you do not care that much. Italians managed to be in the premiership league here - moulded and deformed bodies rising from walls are reaching for an element of chaos which is swirling above some unpleasent liquid in the ground. The idea and final effect demolished me!! Masterpiece! The music is not far away from the last written word. Technical and almost on the top speed all the time. Fuck, so many ideas! Riffs are simply outstanding - powerful and so much straightforward going. Yes, I do know it sounds strange because of their advanced technique, but - believe me - it is like mangler for your brain cells. Italians made also one very important thing, this is listenable a lot. It is not like in other materials that you have to take plenty of listenings to go throgh the record and then be able to say anything. No! It is like a plate with fine dish, took a lot of passion to create it and was easy to serve plus so joyable for the customer. At the end I will say few words about vocals which are very good, but sometimes too monotonous. In first I thought it would be nice to fit here some pig squeels or deeper gutturals. After many listening to this material I reconsider my first opinion, the vocals suits here perfectly fine. Another good thing is that the vocals aren't on top of the music / instruments. Thanks to this you can hear all what band has delivered with their ideas full of twisted sickness. Simply, a great piece of sickness.