7 sie 2016

Chaosbaphomet 'Promethean Black Flame'

Deathrune Records

1. Chaosgenesis
2. Fire of the Titans
3. Dynasty of Typhon
4. To Eos
5. Blood of Hydra
6. Nightside Realm
7. Spiritforms of the Psychomancer (Necromantia cover)

Hailing from Greece and led since the begining by the mastermind of Empire Of The Moon Mr. Ravenlord Wampyri Draconium, Chaosbaphomet had just released their first full-lenght album. It took them 15 years but it was worth to wait. Chaosbaphomet was joined by Unholy Archangel and one time Kawir vocalist, Iapetos and this duo brought forward amazing album. He was also joined by other inviduals to expand the vocals variety and they are Gothmog (Thou Art Lord) and Acherontas - vocals in 'Blood of Hydra' and Ouroboros (Empire Of The Moon) - vocals in 'Fire of the Titans'. 
Album starts of with ambient, ritualistic introduction which gives the setlement with the direction of what the lyrical themes will bring you throughout the whole 'Promethean Black Flame'. Chaosbaphomet widely opens the gates to its realm and invites you to the world of Ancient Gods. Greece had always have a huge variety of great bands delivering a quality Black Metal. In case of the one I'm just writing about there is no exception. I would say that it can be divided into two parts which are gathered in each song, combined into one. First is the bursting, blasting Black Metal with sharp guitar riffs which are invading most of the album during its playtime. The intense knock, like a natural disaster - pure, wrathful and so damaging in its consequences. Second part is the occult vision, the mysterious sounding ambience, accoustic guitars and orchestration. This procedure is not taking place too often during the whole time of 'Promethean Black Flame', but it emerges in such moments of album that it is not nessessary to make it more present. These moments are simply enough to be so overwhelming and real. As we speak about the structures of the tracks, I must add one thing. Listening to this album won't make you at any moemnt doubt it is Hellenic Black Metal. The sound has been risen up to the nowadays level, there is no dirt in it but somehow this clean sonic landscape indulge to catch everything Chaosbaphomet served. At the end we have a cover of Necromantia song and it is a felicitous way to end this release.
In my eyes a total success if I can use this word without any negative traces in the meaning. It is ambitious, absorbing, unique album. The only thing I'm counting on is that I don't have to wait another 15 years for the next full-lenght album by Chaosbaphomet.