10 sie 2016

Corpus Mortale 'Fleshcraft'

Deepsend Records

1. Weakest of the Weak
2. The Unwashed Horde
3. A Murderous Creed
4. Scorn of the Earth
5. Love Lies Bleeding
6. Enthralled
7. Feasting upon Souls
8. Crafted in Flesh
9. Tempt Not the Knife
10. Seize the Moment of Murder

2013 was a year when this Denmark kommando is celebrating 20th anniversary of being still in combat & still well and alive. This is the fourth album so far. It is not that many for such long existence, but very good in quality and remarkable plesant to listen. Of course if you like Death Metal. I can't exactly name their style with a tag of Brutal because for me they do represent in particular a traditional version of this music. A lot of elements that can be said were used in the past by American bands, but also these from Europe excluding Sweden. Slower parts with riffs having endings with accoustic parts, a bit of keyboards to make it more horrific. Many of the tempos are blasting ones, but you can clearly hear the spirit of older days here. Maybe it is not that chaotic or primordial, but it is hidden for you. Deep growls by Martin with big charisma are a monument for this album. Without his voice or if someone could take his place this album could quickly become not interesting and boring, it could loose the heaviness, the burden of feral bestiality. The machinery of Death Metal here is so consolidated that each instrument cannot exist or be changed without another. It is like a jigsaw puzzle, when one element is missing you have an incomplete shit. Corpus Mortale is doing fucking fine, and it is complete the way they are now.