8 sie 2016

Front Beast 'Out of the Crypts'

demo tape'15
Into Dungeons Records

1. Dawn of Azrael (Intro)
2. Candlelights
3. Into the Crypts
4. Cursed Lake
5. Antichrist Warfare
6. Past Midnight They Arrive
7. Black Spells of the Damned

Countless releses by Front Beast since 1999, this is what I got used by this one-man project. Another demo came out and simply I wanted to have it in my collection. After the second album 'Demon Ways of Sorcery' that I have in CD version, the style got a little bit changed but what we hear here is still this archaic Black'n'Roll. I don't mind it at all since it is fucking awesome shit! Even the tracks are simply some various songs from different releases. It is like to put in one jar the riffs of Iron Maiden, a bit of Motorhead and Black Metal dirty feeling. So all in all we have here Heavy Black Metal feast. The demo is mainly concerned around the riffage, where you can hear nothing else but old times of glory of Heavy Metal with this nice strong filth delivered by Black Metal screams and dirty sloppy sound where you hear some misteakes during the tracks. But hey, who fucking cares?! It’s like listening to Midnight but more with cryptic and alcoholic feeling. One must be said as it comes to this demo: Avanger has the credit for the aura of 'Out of the Crypts', there is no escape from the evil he had created here. It is so catchy, but on the other side very cruel and sinister in the final outcome. You can feel the eyes of different creatures and predators watching you from depths below while you're listening to this great demo. Yeah, let me play this tape once more while I do enjoy it a lot!