5 sie 2016

Genocide Shrines 'Devanation Monumentemples'

Cyclopean Eye Productions

1. Pillars I (Entrance)
2. Devanation Monumentemples
3. Apparitions of Spiritual Obliteration
4. Pillar II (Submission)
5. Shivatandaviolence (Cleansiege)
6. Nectars of Tantric Murder
7. Pillar III (Discipline)

Another example how you shouldn't be judging a band because of its origin. When you hear country name Sri Lanka, what's are your first thoughts in your head? Small island in South Asia fragmented by tsunami in 2004, nowadays political warfare. It is almost a vivid, perfect ground to plant such evil and hatred seeds to become the result of blasphemous vomits which are dripping heavily from our speakers. This Ep is divided through parts which here are Pillar I, II and III sounding full in devotion invocations which invoke Shiva and its destructive nature. Also is kind of simliar to what is making Necros Christos with their interludes. Since Genocide Shrines come from Sri Lanka, we have much more exotic taste of the incantations and maybe even more authentic due to their origin (of course NC interludes are not at all fake, it is not what I'm saying here!). Four tracks with proper instruments are bestial and spawned in fucking blasphemy. Raging furiously are raping your ears with spiritual, tantric genoicde. Razor sharp cuts done by riffs, the finest tradition of Black/Death Metal cruelty and devastation. From fast to slow paces, every second of these four hymns to sonic destruction are simply overtaking the listener. Atrociuos bass lines, demonical vocals and sadistic guitars cutting your senses with war savagery. Genocide Shrines can be easily placed in the same league with bands like Archgoat, Teitanblood, Proclamation or Pseudogod. I am aware of that it is an EP (and the fact they have newer releases) but it is so short and I want more than only 20 minutes. Damn!