12 sie 2016

Goatblood 'Adoration of Blasphemy and War'

Dunkelheit Produktionen

1. Appearance of the Goatlord
2. Sado Liquidator
3. Animal Anal Acrobatic
4. Arkoholocausted
5. Eve Pisses on Adam    
6. Deluge in Heaven
7. Bombing Blood
8. Necromorph Application Point
9. Human Waste Disposal
10. Trident Worship
11. OP Vulva
12. Ascension to the South
13. Fisting Mary. Amen.
14. Trumpets of Baphomet
15. La Chisea della Capra

If you had a chance to listen to the previous demos of this German duo then you probably were aware how low-fi these were recorded. Bad production which was I think in purpose there was some kind of advantage of these tapes, giving the fucking hype and feeling of total blasphemous goatmass. Well, here Goatblood with their debut full-lenght album decided to place some more emphasis on the guitar sound, which of course isn't nice and clear, shredding the guts with their primitive mixture of Death/ Black Metal. 15 songs which are very short, mostly containing to few riffs at most with cruel solos, are passing quickly and even in my mind I know it was played thousands of times before, I do enjoy every track here. It is primitive, primordial, devastating and most of all cross crushing! Fast blasting hideous war machine with some doomish part around the whole material. A must to have and during listening you shall become possessed with this ritualistic bestiality! I know nowadays there are plenty of new bands wearing gas masks and chains with 'goat' in their name, but not each one has such potential - no matter how odd this sounds in their case. No less to say, this music is done for die-hard maniacs who are still into analog music (even if this version is CD), who still don't have enough of one Conqueror or Blasphemy and need more such grinding perverted music to satisfy their fucked up taste. I'm more than proud to be among these fuckers!