21 sie 2016

Gorelust 'We Are the Undead'

PRC Music

1. Lunacy Still Prevails...
2. Rape the Rapist
3. Entering the Kill Fest
4. There Is No God
5. We Are the Undead
6. Penetrating the Weak
7. City of the Cannibals
8. Decapitate the Holy Whore
9. Farewell to the Flesh
10. Wretched Life (Cervical Slot cover)

After splitting up in 1996, Canadian four sickos decided to form up again their sick band. Even before it is just second full-lenght album then the continiuation from the 'Reign of Lunacy' is kept, but is it in 100%? Let me explain that later. I saw couple of reviews of it around and many refer to Gorelust as Brutal Death Metal band. I'm not that certain about such term in this case. Fair enough, plenty of blasts and faster pace with riffs changing and drums which are fucking unbeliveable in its patterns and I had an image of this guy having two pairs of hands making all this done. Anyway, riffage is not kept in technical way, I would even say that it a bit simple for Death Metal itself. Many of fragments of compositions I heard remind of Malevolent Creation older albums with a modern touch. And this modern touch in particular worries me a lot. In one side we have deep growls, rhythmical heavy guitar with fine arranged drums to get with a while some annoying modern melodies in riffs which can be hardly placed for Death or Thrash Metal nowadays. Unless we are talking here about this young kids playing a comedy of Thrash while mixing it with core elements and jumping all around like fucking happy rabbits. Well, got thing is these unpleasent parts are not too many, most of all we have some old school Death Metal grabing a lot from American bands from Florida in early '90s. That's their fundament mixed with good sound and a bit with Thrash elements. The modern rest is not that easy comfortable for my ears.