24 sie 2016

Grafvitnir 'Semen Serpentis'

Carnal Records

1. Where Time Has Ceased to Be    
2. Descendants of the Serpent
3. Av ormens blod
4. Sword of the Damned
5. Poisonous Streams of Hraunn
6. Seed of Apep
7. Vilddjurets återkomst

Another band that was unknown to me before I put my hands on this cd. Sweden creature by the name of Grafvitnir recorded their second full-length album and I must say they did an excellent work. Due to the fact I didn't hear the previous one I can't say anything about the progress or regress they could have make. Secondly, the music and passion placed on this record is enough for me to judge them fairly on present condition. Music by these Swedes is a combination of what we know from Dissection albums with a touch of chaotic feeling, something more grim and appaling to what we could here in their inspiration horde. Each of the songs lasts more than 6 minutes so it is easily to imagine that these are not just simple enjoyable tracks, but the ones you have to focus on and dig out with your ear the quintessence of venomous constructions. The only exception is a song called 'Poisonous Streams of Hraunn' which lasts for about 2 minutes, but it is an accoustic pause between the intense Chaos crafted by Grafvintir. Also worth to mention is a fact that mostly their Black Metal could be even called as a melodic one due to the variety of riffage build on such structures. But in my opinion it would be harmful to the band, the source of aggression, evil and true malice which is so visualized in their music cannot just be described as 'melodic'. Furious drums which are essential in the background are propeling this apocalyptic visions engraved in music. And the last, vocals! Maybe it is not a discovery of decade, but his vocals are a mixture of typical Black Metal voice with some sort of possessed whispers. When you put all the elements together you'll get a promissing record which will keep you with listening to it for hours.