22 sie 2016

Hic Iacet 'The Cosmic Trance Into The Void'

Necroshine Records
Iron Bonehead Records

1. The Cosmic Trance into the Void
2. Infinite Consciousness
3. Death in the Abyss of Meditation
4. Into the Bowels of the Absolute
5. Mahakala
6. The Catacombs of the Mandala

How deep can you go within your own meditation? Which corners of your soul you still don't know? Is it possible to go even deeper than the anguish caused by your own demons and find own hell so cruel that it is beyond any definition? And for the last, what would you do if you'll find one? Let me tell you something, I am so agitated by this record, the outcome is astonishing - the level of pure evil you can get from yourself and create such music can't be done just because it was planned or someone has such intentions. No, it must be part of you or you are completly overtaken by it. The line up for Spanish Hic Iacet is unknown which adds even more deathly aura. When I played this material for the first time I was speechless, it was so lethal I couldn't breathe properly, couldn't find words to what I was just exposed to. Vile sounding guitars - but yet clear enough to hear each riff - are throwing you on the ground, deep into the soil where within the dead in the void you can find your inner self. The one you didn't even know that exists and is so malicious and heinous, able to everything! Pounding drums... like incantations straight from the cosmic depths where everything is just a fucking void, bestial and silent! The most strongest point are the vocals, vicious roars from the abyss of your soul. Hic Iacet apart from making unique music with the atmosphere which cannot be found on other releases (similar to 13th Moon, Malthusian or Gnosis Of The Witch but it does differ with the intense deadly aura, is like breating the rotten air filled with stench of corpses) and when you mix the instruments with the touch of the mysticism of the mentioned meditation it gets very interesting. Highly suggested to be listened in a solitiude in the night... Cavernous and ghastly grim!