4 sie 2016

Insane Vesper 'Therefore, He Shall Consume'

Nihilward Productions

1. Life Devourer
2. Cult of Darkness
3. Impious Ceremonies
4. The Black Radiance
5. Bloodsoiled Majesty
6. Ravaging Elysion's Fields
7. Enlightened by Blood
8. Outro
9. Untitled

After well executed debut full'lenght album in 2011 called 'Abomination of Death', French legion has spawned a compilation release divided into two parts. The recording sessions which are the parts here took place in May 2009 (tracks 1-4) and Novemeber 2008 (tracks 5-8). The closing untitled tracks nr 9 is the cover of Sweden's Malign and their track 'Etering Timeless Halls'. Mostly all the tracks are re-recorded versions of songs which already appeared on theirs various Eps, album or split apart from the opening 'Life Devourer' (unless I didn't spotted that well). Yes, it might sound like a shitty game especially for underground horde to release over and over again their previous tracks, but let me tell you something. If you didn't have in your collection their entire discography and you're not a die hard maniac of theirs, than I think it is good move to have such CD. 
Let me start with the fact that even if it is divided into two parts, it does not vary much in the sound production. In both parts we deal with eerie, primitive energy summoned with their sonic blasphemy. The sound is cryptic clear -> I feel like in a dark entrance to cave washed with thick fog and while entering the madness of the rite is taking away your sanity. Black Metal played by Insane Vesper is intense, cruel and radiating with vile blackness. It may be close to chaotic but no, very coverent material. Even the parts where from fast furious blasting it is going to mid pace, the insanity is almost lurking from behind your shoulder. Complexed guitar work within its primitive and essential way for such genre, the battery is unmerciful - no matter if this is mid tempo; still you feel the overwhelming aggression. And vocals, Black Metal screems meet in lets say 30% Death Metal growlish parts -> mix it together and this hybrid is right on its place causing a blind amuck. The fulfillement of these words is the last track, the mentioned before cover of Malign. Even someone didn't know swedish horde before, will check them out for sure, as these veterans are Their tongue.
There is also second album of Insane Vesper avaiable, recorded just this 2016 year, and be sure that sooner or later you find this review here too. Now, support this act and buy it!