17 sie 2016

Kalmankantaja 'Viimeinen Virsi'


1. Elämä, kuolemantuoja
2. Musta mieli
3. Viimeinen virsi
4. Ikiuni

This is the fourth full-lenght album in 2014 recorded by this Fins. Yes, you understood well - four albums in the same year! This sounds crazy and it may seem to be lacking the quality because of so many releases in so close period of time. I'm not sure about the other three albums but the one I got is keeping me in place where I have to say that their music is very good. And what precisely we have here? Music full of emotions, atmosphere of lost and hopelessness. Yes, Depressive Black Metal. Long three songs around 9 to 12 minutes and one almost 4 minutes long. Anyway the only problem I have with such bands, when they pass their test for not being pathetic while crying of after loosing their girlfriends or other immature stupidity, is the music itself which can be so monotonous I could be put to sleep after 10 minutes. Fortuntelly, Kalmankantaja isn't like that. The atmosphere here is dominated with sadness, loosing life with apathic attitiude and this deep sorrowful feeling of nesessary isolation. But it is not going even close to be boring. Very well arranged tracks, repetitive riffs which are slowly with own pace going on and on, the depressive aura is flowing on the silent surface of this music. The Black Metal screams are making it more dramatic and real. Also the closing track done with unplugged guitars... is really carrying the huge amount of sorrow. I think, it is a great album to rest a bit from bestial and primitive bombardment I'm listening everyday. Well, if you need something more calm but still filled with negativity, then Kalmankantaja is for you.