9 sie 2016

Katavasia 'Sacrilegious Testament'

Floga Records

1. Cosmic Nightmare
2. Symphony des gravens
3. Adoration of Darkness
4. Eosforou katavasis
5. Visions of the Misty Night
6. Order of Dogblood
7. Mater tenebrarum
8. Virgin Blood
9. The Chariot of Emperor

From couple well known bands from Greece, mostly the vocalist Necroabyssious from Varathorn, comes the new act called Katavasia. As it is expected it won't be disappointment at all while these five veterans simply are hailing the best early traditions of Black Metal scene in Greece. Moody atmosphere, groovy and catchy riffs with simple melodies plus Mediterranean melodies. All this with majestic voice by Necroabyssious and typical sound for Greece BM records is establishing the aura of the mysterious. I can't say other words that I do find really enjoyable 'Sacrilegious Testament', it reminds me of times when I discovered bands like Varathorn, Necromantia or early Rotting Christ. These were the filars, roots, fundaments of this scene. They have created the basic of what it is nowadays, when you're saying Hellenic Black Metal and already in your thoughts you find the main patterns of what it is. The music enclosed on Katavasia debut album is mid paced with slower parts, beautiful dark-romantic melodies creating the feeling of lost and nostalgia to past days. From other hand it is a strong statement which combined with lyrical concept is taking you to the dark rituals, sacrifices and tenebrous beings being summoned from the other side. The effect of majesty, of dignity and strong nostalgia is crafted well by keyboards which emerge here from time to time just to underline those feelings. Floga records after releasing Empire Of The Moon, now is handling this gem to us. If this is going to continue this way - I can't wait their next discoveries.