18 sie 2016

Macabre Omen 'Gods of War - At War'

Ván Records

1. I See, the Sea!
2. Gods of War - At War
3. Man of 300 Voices
4. Hellenes Do Not Fight like Heroes, Heroes Fight like Hellenes
5. From Son to Father
6. Rhodian Pride, Lindian Might
7. Alexandros - Ode A'
8. Alexandros - Ode B'

I was looking today through my collection to play something unique and I remind myself that 'Gods of War - At War' is somewhere at the pile of unsorted alphabetically (yet) cds. I put the cd in the player and as soon the sound of sea waves was heard I simply forgot about everything I supposed to do during this day. Anyway, Macabre Omen to those of you who don't know this amazing band, is a long time lead by Alexandros formation from Greece. I always thought there is something unique in Black Metal scene from this country, something that attached my attention more than other particular scenes from around the world. Macabre Omen is strongly inspired by bands like early Varathorn, early Rotting Christ, maybe a bit by Zemial, Nocternity's 'Onyx' and of course viking era by swedish Bathory. Combining all these in one is no nothing else that strong melodic Black Metal with bursting epic parts close to the feeling I would risk the word dramatic. The enthusiastic part of the possibility that I can listen to such sophisticated record is spreading inside me like a lethal disease when quickly each cell is being infected. And here is the paradoxal truth - it does not present anything new, unheard so the above mentioned sophistication is maybe too big word. But from the other hand the way the whole album is composed, how coherent it is, I have no doubt that I am listening to one of the best albums Greek scene has ever released.
Macabre Omen put a lot of emphasis on the melodics in their riffage and while the mid-tempos are pounding in the back like on the war-galleon, these is even more underlined by the keyboards. Don't think now, that Alexandros used some sort of cheap effort and made it an orchestral or so called symphonic stuff, fuck no! The keyboards are emerging in the times when you simply do not expect them and are done in a bit of subtle way. This instrument even it has a big impact on the final effect of the 'Gods of War - At War', is not taking charge here, is not suppressing the other instrumentation or the whole aura. In fact the subtile usage of it is more underlining the fact it is very Netal album in general, where guitars and drums with vocals have the priority. Also one of the biggest advantages this record has is the usage of accoustic guitars which I fucking love! These when used in proper way are simply orgasmic in Black or Death Metal! So it is here, the few parts are so good, so memorable...! Alexandros knows how to use his voice. From tragic almost like nostalgic screams he is moving onto clear vocals or even few times to deep growls. This album is so, so fucking close to a perfection!!!
10 years we had to wait for the second album after 'The Ancient Returns', but what we were delivered is mind trembling, soul paralyzing music. Amazing, uncanny and monumental work!